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  1. Just picked this up at a flea market in Uk this morning........
  2. Another grouping of solid wooden models, found a few at a flea market from a house clearance....... then 12 months later a dealer turned up at an antiques market with maybe a couple of hundred different models, many similar construction and finish to these...... still haven't managed to discover their origin or age......... all around 1:72 scale.
  3. The skill involved to turn a box full of pieces of wood into a great looking model...... way beyond my skill set. There are some interesting wartime iitems still out there waiting to be found like this Astral model Hurricane kit with wartime restriction on sales label
  4. The skill involved to turn a box full of pieces of wood into a great looking model......
  5. These came in on Wednesday this week, they are more representative of the quality wartime made models are made to, they have a certain charm of their own along with some of the old wartime made as toys aircraft that I find, see last 3 images..........
  6. A few more.......... hard to believe but they are all wooden construction........... the Mig-17 Fresco I was convinced was a plastic kit until I really checked it out closely and by looking up the tail pipe you can see the woodgrain........... the ribbing on the earlier biplanes has been created by laying thread over the wings before painting...... all incredible work. There are many more, some are keepers, many are to be moved on.......... I don't have the space to keep them all.
  7. A few wartime matchbooks
  8. Here is the complete item, it was a small fold-up leaflet which i think was placed in cartons
  9. Many years ago I used to specialise in WW2 rations and cigarettes, always kept files on any old photos that I came across in wartime publications........ this one shows the contents of a WW2 Red Cross POW parcel, cigarette packs top right corner.......
  10. UK based online store , always hundreds genuine items in store at any given time. Whilst mainly British items there are also a fair few U.S. items available. I post overseas and have supplied hundreds of items to collectors all over the world in the last 20 years or so. Link to the store is https://para-phenalia.com Many thanks Kevin
  11. Some are so good at first glance you would think plastic kits........... last photo shows one model with a broken off wingtip and you can see the wood......... many of these came from the model collection of peter Farrar who during the 50's and 60's amassed a collection in excess of 1500 different models. At one point the RAF used to assign one of their transport aircraft to transport the collection to various RAF based airshows around the UK. The collection was split up many years ago, some of the models still have their Christies auction tags from 1995............ last year a large chunk of
  12. An old solid wood scratchbuilt P-47, Hawker Typhoon, P-38 Lightning, P-51 Mustang and a Mosquito ( built from wood taken from damaged Mosquitos ) recently acquired along with several dozen other WW1, interwar and WW2 aircraft types.
  13. So, 6 years later and up pops another Willys Jeep Manual.......... now this one has a date for April 15 1942 on the cover and also on the title page. Has 136 pages numbered then another small section at end titled Instructions for Unpacking and Assembly of Vehicle...................... so is this another version of a reprint ?
  14. Hi Ken Further to the info. on YOA 97.......... my son Mike was looking to see if he could find my old Jeep, something about me being 60 this year......... turns out it is now living in Australia http://g503.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=247086 ( Not the one I would have wanted anyway, the one I rebuilt would have been the real prize but that seems to have disappeared ...... ) Current owner is now in email contact with me and asking a few questions that I either don't remember, or are about the Jeep before my time. Hope this all links together so it makes sense......... can
  15. Hi Ken Apparently he named everyone , but the people I asked to get in contact with him as they are best mates forgot the names...... have asked again......... My lad Mike and myself had a great fun day clay shooting last year with Ian and his family courtesy of our joint friend who instructs at a big clay shooting range not too far from here, it was a late birthday present for Mike. Turned out Ian had booked the day for his lads birthday treat and was more than happy for us to join them when our instuctor mate asked ( first I knew was when we turned up to see Ian and his family there ) O
  16. Hi Ken Ian has been shown the picture and he says he remembers it well, named the people in it and says he thinks it is around 1967 ? Sorry can't help with Richard Branson....... Kevin
  17. Hi Ken Small world....... Ian Hill is best mates with friends of ours, bump into him at some of the get togethers we have during the year.............. nice guy. kevin
  18. Still havent figured out the two sections I have with the tabs on the ends. Always thought they were so you could connect others at 90 degrees to them. Check the spacings they should line up to the tabs running up the sides......... if not then I'm beat......
  19. Senior moment crept in there.no idea why I put Grahams' Sherman when we all know it was in fact Dennis, must be time for a nap.
  20. One last YOA97 picture, taken at Hagley Hall, notice Grahams' Sherman Tank......... seem to remember the local Bill tried to arrest him for having a firearm in as much as the tank had a gun on it..........those were the days when it was a struggle to put even a few Jeeps in the same place at the same time.........
  21. You're right about the bug never leaving, I still find myself looking for Jeep bits and pieces even though I haven't had a Jeep for almost 28 yrs now. ........don't see anything at the flea markets over here and I go to a lot of them.......still adding to that banger collection though.......at some crazy figure of over 250 different types now...... As for the ' shoebox' location, best kept a secret, although I had always presumed you you just opened it up and the state called it the Imperial War Museum............
  22. Think it cost me £850 in 1983, not sure I told my wife it cost that much.having been married just 3 weeks when I passed it on the way to work. I rang to say I had seen a Jeep, apparently we were going to discuss it that night, but I had already acted and was already the new owner by the time I made the call. Amazed you still have those original parts you had from me all those years ago,seem to remember there was a full set of combat rims in that. Must have been around 1986-87 when that happened. Guess that shoebox is much bigger than I ever imagined.
  23. Hi Ken I wonder where it is now.......maybe it has been restored back to correct engine......I never changed it as I had that rolling chassis and engine project that came with that mass of Jeep spares.....selling those off was the start of the long slippery slope into militaria that still goes on today. Kevin
  24. My first Jeep, back in 1983........ it was for sale on the Tyburn Road, Birmingham, had an MGB Twin carb engine and the carb was a pig for flooding.......it was looking for a replacement engine for YOA97 that led me to that huge haul of original Jeep parts that you had great fun picking over once I had it back in Lichfield. Photo taken on Cannock Chase Kevin
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