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  1. Is this T Force the unit tasked with locating intel that could be used by the Allies........ I have some snapshots showing T Force vehicles in Germany in 1945
  2. That's gardeners for you, why waste a good stick grenade handle if just one will do the job.
  3. The family gave me 2 names of the troopers they had befriended, Bob Sperling and Jimmy Clements, believe they had seen action in Sicily before coming to UK. i don't have my airborne info anymore, collection is long gone but think they were members of 376th Parachute Arty and 307th Airborne Engineeers although which one was in which unit I don't know.
  4. Done a couple of scans, lights no good now , will try photos tomorrow Safety pin is how it came on the bullion oval.........
  5. In 1944 a family living in Hinckley, Leicestershire in England befriended 2 young American Paratroopers who were based near to their home. Many years ago I was shown this grouping and given 2 names for these young men. Since then the only 2 members from that family have passed away and in their effects their children found these items. Out of the blue they recently contacted me and asked if I would be interested in having them as they had no real interest in keeping them. Today I went over and collected them. Reverse of the bracelet is named.............bracelet jump wing is by S.S.Ltd, o
  6. Hi Johan I'm well. Trust all ok with you and yours ? It will be interesting to see how many do recognise the WW2 connection. I know when I used to be in the Ardennes on a regular basis there were always bits and pieces that I recognised had a previous use. For example, sometimes you have to look up as well as down ( not sure how well you can see on this picture )
  7. Hi Ken Going back a little bit to items being found a new use,....... This picture was taken back in 2007 when I was invited to a private visit to the Wiltz museum in the Ardennes. These garden shears had only just been found on a local property. Kevin
  8. Just picked this up at a flea market in Uk this morning........
  9. Another grouping of solid wooden models, found a few at a flea market from a house clearance....... then 12 months later a dealer turned up at an antiques market with maybe a couple of hundred different models, many similar construction and finish to these...... still haven't managed to discover their origin or age......... all around 1:72 scale.
  10. The skill involved to turn a box full of pieces of wood into a great looking model...... way beyond my skill set. There are some interesting wartime iitems still out there waiting to be found like this Astral model Hurricane kit with wartime restriction on sales label
  11. The skill involved to turn a box full of pieces of wood into a great looking model......
  12. These came in on Wednesday this week, they are more representative of the quality wartime made models are made to, they have a certain charm of their own along with some of the old wartime made as toys aircraft that I find, see last 3 images..........
  13. A few more.......... hard to believe but they are all wooden construction........... the Mig-17 Fresco I was convinced was a plastic kit until I really checked it out closely and by looking up the tail pipe you can see the woodgrain........... the ribbing on the earlier biplanes has been created by laying thread over the wings before painting...... all incredible work. There are many more, some are keepers, many are to be moved on.......... I don't have the space to keep them all.
  14. Here is the complete item, it was a small fold-up leaflet which i think was placed in cartons
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