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  1. The 400 patch is for a unit - I think battalion - from Central or South America. There are also patches for 100, 200 and 300 in the same design. The 100 patch is sometimes sold as an oversized variation of our 100th Division.
  2. Among other things, I collect Studley Cap Patches. These were sold from the '30's thru '60's?? by George W. Studley to veterans' organizations for wear on their overseas caps. Mostly he sold Division patches, but did include some Corps and Support Units. One patch I've always had questions about is the same one HIRSCA posted on 2 Nov 18. This one is two inches in diameter and is classic Studley manufacture - IMO. There is some disagreement on this in the Studley community. I have done considerable looking to find evidence of wear for this patch; and, was interested to see
  3. My mother was in the WAAC / WAC during WW2. When she was discharged and began looking for a job, she didn't have a decent civilian outfit to wear to job interviews. So, to save money, she dyed one of her Class A uniforms black so it looked a little less military. She wore it with a white or pastel blouse under the jacket. She said that both men and women did this immediately after the war. The uniform is now in the WAC Museum at Fort Des Moines, Iowa.
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