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  1. Story of the capture of the 150th Pennsylvania flag at Gettysburg: https://npsgnmp.wordpress.com/2015/01/29/jeff-davis-joseph-gutelius-and-the-flag-of-the-150th-pennsylvania/ Important letter which was recently put up for auction: http://www.hcaauctions.com/Signed_by_4_Confederate_Generals_Pertaining_to_a_C-LOT49359.aspx Autographed endorsements on a Confederate letter, 1p. quarto, Head Quarters Ramseur's Brigade, July 13, 1863, addressed to Major Taylor, Robert E. Lee's AAG, that reads in part: "I have the honor to forward the accompanying flag of the 150th Penn. Volunte
  2. 464th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion.
  3. Legendary Ed Bearss is no longer able to lead tours. He would love to get letters from those touched by his dedication to history. https://civil-war-picket.blogspot.com/2020/01/legendary-ed-bearss-is-no-longer-able.html
  4. Mort: Your mailbox is full and I am trying to send you a message. Thank you.
  5. 307th Engineer Battalion flag up for auction: https://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/wwii-us-37th-engineers-embroidered-guideon-flag-A444F8CA3B?rfa=true
  6. https://www.soc.mil/ARSOF_History/articles/v2n3_det_101_page_1.html Late in the war, Detachment 101 adopted the insignia above. This was a locally-made patch worn by Technical Sergeant Fifth Class Samuel Spector.
  7. Has there been any reference material published on the Mexican War Veteran Shields?
  8. irish could you please post a photo of the backside? Thank you.
  9. Return it. With all the faking, restoring, altering and reproducing that is taking place in the collecting community today, the chain of ownership is extremely important. It's a major part of the provenance. I know of major historical groups in private collections which aren't how they originally were. Keep in mind unscrupulous people have faked provenance, documentation and capture papers. Send it back.
  10. Identities unknown, studio portraits taken in Vietnam, subdued 1st Cavalry Division and 4th Division SSI being worn.
  11. Identity of soldier unknown, studio portrait taken in Vietnam, subdued 1st Cavalry Division SSI with colored AIRBORNE tab. Perhaps a member of the 1st/8th Cavalry 'Jumping Mustangs'.
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