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  1. I have a shipping box for LtCol James W. Sperry with a diamond in the center and 820 in the center of the diamond. Does anyone know what unit it would be for? Thanks.
  2. Most likely as it came from his hometown newspaper.
  3. EM3c Robert Allen Mett USN, father Paul F. Oak Street, Oakland, NJ. I wrote his biography in my second book. Below is his HS yearbook photo. I have his USN service record. I wonder where his Purple Heart is.
  4. Request his service record the archives, it will be full of info.
  5. Request their USN service records from the St. Louis Record Center. Geoff at Golden Arrow Research can help you out.
  6. I just did a read of Billy's story and he and Betty Lou met in the summer of 1960. See attach pic.
  7. Is there a list of servicemen awarded the Silver Star WWI-Vietnam? If so would someone look up if a person with the last name of De Mercurio was awarded the Silver Star. Thanks.
  8. Having researched many German ribbon bars and medal bars back to the original owners I feel confident that this bar belonged to Rommel. According to the award rolls no other Wurttemberger had these same awards, congrats.
  9. Lt. Col. James Sperry. I am sure more information about Sperry can be found.
  10. Interesting shipping box named to Lt. Col. James Sperry, USMC, Iwo vet. He was S-1 (regiment) for I think it was in the 6th Marines. Box measures 29.5x17.5x12.5. The shipping label on the side is from the S.S. Independence which sailed 16 July 1957. I was able to find a photo of Lt. Col. Sperry on facebook. I added a heavy glass top and it makes a nice coffee table. I thought I would post this here before putting it up for sale.
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