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    US military uniforms, insignia, and field gear, especially World War I, World War II, & Vietnam. I collect older Virginia Military Institute items: insignia, uniforms, cadet sabers, documents, and groupings belonging to VMI alumni. Also interested in Virginia-related items such as Virginia Reserve Militia uniforms and insignia, or just any items of Virginia interest.

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  1. And if there's ever a gun buyback in your area you can turn a profit!
  2. You were mowing the lawn while a flea market was open? Just kidding - great finds!
  3. Can't tell you how many times I've seen antique knives and bayonets that some flea market seller decided to sharpen up before they sold them.
  4. Definitely a cadet cap. The mohair band and crown piping were originally black but have faded to a purplish color. We used to take a magic marker and darken ours again. Not familiar with the school but the cap is relatively recent so it shouldn't be hard to find.
  5. The small white tape labels are laundry tags. 0806 is probably the last 4 of the owner's SSN.
  6. While it's true that Colt can provide a letter on a M1911, there's not much they can tell you that you can't find out for free. Since this is an issue weapon the configuration is standard. About all they can tell you is when and where it was shipped and that information is available in reference books. If you post your photos on a M1911 forum someone should be able to help you. I like https://forums.1911forum.com. Looks like a great pistol!
  7. Here's a theater made (I think) felt 100th Division patch - it's on an enlisted man's overcoat.
  8. Thanks for posting - the sweater the second soldier is wearing is really interesting. I've never seen one like that.
  9. When I reported to my first duty station in 1989 the Central Issue Facility had WW2 dated mess kits in stock.
  10. Great image, but it's absolutely crazy that it's been bid up from $0.99 to nearly $10K with five days to go! That's a great strategy for paying way more than you need to for an item.
  11. I think you're right. There are four separate sections where there would normally be gray enamel, and they're the only places where enamel is missing. It appears to have just been made that way.
  12. That's really cool! The clock faces were probably scrap or unused stock from the same manufacturer who made the disks.
  13. I was assigned to the successor organization, the National Ground Intelligence Center, for a number of years. We wore the Intelligence & Security Command patch and crest, so I assume FSTC would have worn Army Intelligence Agency insignia (which is what it fell under before the reorganization).
  14. It could even pre-date WW2 with that drop-in catch, though that style would have been made into the war years.
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