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  1. My neighbor is researching a relative - SGT Leonard Kirkpatrick, A Co. 52nd Infantry. I thought if there was a published Unit History, he might be able ti get it through an inter-library loan. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide on Kirkpatrick or a history of his unit.
  2. It doesn't look like a typical Japenese-made Jacket but was hoping for more input regarding this. Zipper is "HAMA" brand but of course could have been imported.
  3. A friend of mine collects vintage clothing and she came across this Tour Jacket. I haven't seen one with this particular look and the design theme is something I would not post outside this forum. If his online unit roster is comprehensive, then this just has to be Marine Corporal David Earl Helm Served 1965-1967 Vietnam Service 1966-1967, 3531, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment (3/5)/L Company Fallen Nov 10, 1967, Grenade accident in defensive position, Quang Nam Province.
  4. Emerson's Encyclopedia has convinced me that there is no US Army Branch of Service or National Guard unit using the "MA" acronym (I even went through page-by-page), so what else is there - is this for a Military Academy?
  5. Thanks everyone for your help - this forum is far and above the best around in terms of subject-matter expertise as well a courteous and mature approach to open discussion. This is a relatively scarce combination, and exactly what's necessary for keeping a hobby growing and encouraging a new generation of collectors.
  6. I am impressed, as I always am with the knowledge of US Militaria Forum members. This one came straight out of a footlocker.
  7. Thanks Kevin - I was thinking of getting "United States Marine Corps Eagle, Globe and Anchor Emblem: 1868 -1963 - Pictorial Guide". Is that the go-to book for this sort of thing?
  8. I would have guessed this to be a pre-WW2 Badge, but it is part of a Navy V-5 / Marine Corps Aviator grouping, WW2 or early post-war
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