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  1. This display of made-in-camp wings of the world was a POW bring back. It was made in Stalag Luft 1 and as the original description paper on the reverse states, cigarette paper was used to "finish" the lead wings. (To thwart would be fakery, I've deleted unique information from the original attached label.)
  2. Long story short: I don't know at present. My files were disturbed years ago and I am not sure of the background. More POW items to follow when I unpack them.
  3. (Crude pin back, reverse not shown to avoid replica fakery, apologies.)
  4. I'm posting this patch on eBay along with a handful of other WW1 shoulder patches, but I would like to describe this patch with great accuracy. Any info will help as to correct designation. Thank you in advance.
  5. People on the forum seem to have a passion for Blackinton wings. Here is a documented piece. I bought this wing along with other memorabilia from a Flying Tiger fighter pilot. He had a few full-size wings, but this was the choicest --- that is, aside from his original numbered Chinese wings. I expect to list this Blackinton wing on eBay in a few days along with assorted documentation: paperwork and photos. (The bulk of his memorabilia is also all featured in Jon Maguire's last book, "Leather Jackets ... etc.") My eBay ID is WINGS-PATCHES. The time-darkened wing shimmers in the light. Swee
  6. Thank you for the info. I have no depth of knowledge on these insignia and more than pleased to be educated here.
  7. Yes, it is definitely late war CBI, made in China. Super-rare.
  8. I'm not sure if it is Technically "MILITARY Tr...." or "Motor". One or the other. Quite rare.
  9. Herman Goring said, "I will sacrifice one entire squadron of my Air Force to capture one pilot, the American, Don Gentile."
  10. Not sure if one of these has appeared on the Forum in recent years. Thought it might prove interesting. (Apologies, but reverse not available at present.)
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