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  1. This is the natural evolution of the price inflation of WWII M1 helmets. Now that any notable WWII M1 commands a huge premium, the fakers will move to later period artifacts. I believe that in five years we will see $1500 "Grenada used" M1's with a misappropriated name to go along with the story.
  2. Thank you for the reply! I had that thought as well. I am sure that is it, but strange to mark that on a helmet that is always covered. Maybe someone just got bored.
  3. Hello forum members. I recently bought this M1 off of evil-bay. It is a 50s McCord stamped M 310. The chinstrap buckle is anchor stamped, and the chinstrap clips have circle surrounding a dot. The interior is rusty, with the number 360 written. The liner was a pretty rotten 60s jump liner with female snaps drilled out, 1969 Contract sweatband. It had pretty faded 70s ERDL cover with 24th ID V marks on both sides. There are matching rust stains from the shell on the cover so it appears they have been together for at least sometime. This leads me to believe that this rig is sometime post 1975. Though it could just an amalgamation of parts improperly stored. The interesting part is the three-color camouflage scheme. The tan looks like it was spray painted onto the factory OD and the black added with a brush. Additionally, the rear marking is a mystery to me. I am not sure what to make of it. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
  4. Thank you all! I was pretty excited to have it in hand and confirm I was not interpreting paint wear as camouflage. Is it known if the over paint was baked in the infrared oven like normal liners? Was the camouflage baked on at all?
  5. These photos do not totally do it justice, but I am TDY at the moment and will not be able to take more for another week.
  6. Hello USMF, I bought this liner on ebay a few months ago. It was a set with a Schlueter front seam M1 with OD7 chinstraps. Upon closer inspection I believe it to be an over painted Westinghouse Jungle Liner. It has unpainted A-washers and folded under nape ends. The leather chinstrap has DOT rivets so I believe it is probably from a p58 liner. I have compared it to all the examples i could find online and the "ghosting" of the under paint seems extremely similar. Additionally the scratches on the body and rivets reveal other colors rather than the "tortiseshell." Is it possible this is one of the factory repainted Jungle Liners?
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