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  1. No the National Museum of the USA at Fort Belvoir that just opened.
  2. Frank have you contacted Carlisle reference one of the knives carried on the L&C expedition? At one time they had the Girardoni rifle as well as a compass (I think) and a knife (?). They could be at the new Army museum now. Most of the good contacts I had at Carlisle have left or retired. Regards, CC.
  3. I have seen oilers with black paint/Japaned on the top. They were used and were empty. Having never read the above before I thought it was just painted by a user. It most likely was but there is a possibility, although slight, the paint could have been applied by the government. I don’t know if I have one left but if I do it is either an IS or BK parkerized and most likely had a rubber gasket. The govt did the same thing to the tops of many M3 knives as a preservative prior to putting them in long term storage.
  4. I’m not with my knives but that tang doesn’t quite look right from memory. Early kinfolks were very nicely finished and it appears that the blade as pictured was blackened after someone sharpened it but that could be the pictures. I was searching on my phone and found this one unfortunately the top is not pictured. It is the one on the right.
  5. Thanks for sharing. It’s always fun when you find a tidbit of information that provides information to something that you are researching or interested in.
  6. Very nice I like your Johnson’s. I’d like to add one to the collection some day. Do you any North’s?
  7. The stabilizer tube was also pressed together rather than riveted. It is similar to those found on the m11a3 and a4 practice grenades. The new safety as opposed to the earlier hairpin style included a sealant as shown in the picture previously posted to prevent moisture from entering the firing chain. It was also used on later bazooka, rifle smoke grenades, etc.
  8. I know that photo was used by Winchester on the cover of their magazine. Not sure what the cation says. If I remember to check when I get home in a couple weeks I’ll post if there is a caption.
  9. Sheath looks more like a Camillus or Marble’s rather than a Case though.
  10. From M7 to T119 have a Merry Christmas and happy New Year. Best wishes for a safe and healthy 2021!
  11. The bolt you have pictured is a 1903A3 replacement bolt as evidenced by the machining cuts around the lug and the square lug itself.
  12. Actually the rounds are the same, each has the cavity. The one that is painted green has the cavity filled with Ammonium Picrate (Exp D) and uses the the M66A1 fuze as a base detonator which has a delay of .016 sec, This allows the round to penetrate the structure before detonation, at least that's the idea. The black round is the same except the cavity is not filled with explosive D and a tracer base plug is used instead. The tracer burns for about 3 seconds or approx 1800 yards. Both rounds were supercharged and since they were only loaded that way they did not require the base or casing
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