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  1. Nice rifle. Looks to have possibly been refinished at one time. Also appears to maybe have a MKI stock, but hard to tell from the limited photos.
  2. Thank you for the clarification, from a distance it appears to be one of the repro screws with the enlarged center hole to accept the M5 bayonet. If it is not a poppet valve you could seriously damage the rifle and yourself if launching grenades. Also to be correct I believe that the grooved rear hand guard clip was being used well into the mid 700k range. Not that it really matters but it appears that yours might be a later type. Again thanks for preserving this great rifle.
  3. It appears from a distance that your windage knob appears to be a post war knob and I believe your early gas cylinder gas plug/screw is a repro. The center hole appears to be too big to be an original but it is hard to tell from that distance. Thank you for sharing.
  4. I was stationed in California in the Mid 80s and a guy used to sell parts at the big shows. His name was synonymous with repro parts even back then.
  5. Im on lockdown so it doesnt help, not sure if I have any amm pubs that late To look up the lot numbers. But to answer one question in the thread they were still boxing ammo in the 50s. I have a few 520 round spam cans of LC and SL M2 boxed from the early 50s. The CMP was selling them. Ive also seen silver spam cans of WRA or WCC in smaller containers that were boxed.
  6. Thank you. The M6a4c were detonators used with the TNT filled grenade and are somewhat hard to find. The little half pin on the fuze to contain the fuze is a match for the spoon as it was used later in the war.
  7. I think the fuze on your yellow grenade was originally on a smoke grenade as you can see by the bend near the top. I believe some were used on Mk II but I would think that they would be remarked or would be on a green grenade, iMHo. Do they all have solid bottoms? Nice collection, thank you for sharing.
  8. I am on lockdown away from my pubs but I thought that lot was too late for WWII, thanks silverplate.
  9. Sorry for the delay, thank you. Regards
  10. I was just looking at an ordnance publication maybe from the school and they are training with that spool. Im trying to find it to help you out.
  11. The drawings represent the latest revisions, you have to use the date of the last revision to acknowledge the changes. Unless the item was superseded or completely changed it retained its original drawing date and incorporates the latest changes based upon the revisions therefore it could look significantly different from the base drawings in the subtle areas.
  12. SP thanks for the info and kwc271 for posting your shotgun
  13. I saw a really nice one at the SOS almost as nice as the picture posted that was for sale at $600, I believe it sold for $500.
  14. What Frangible box is more common the t44, m22, or the T74 you have shown?
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