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  1. Those are standard WWII shoepacs worn in cold wet weather with heavy wool socks. I believe a felt insole was also used. Retired
  2. I started collecting during WWII when I was a young teenager. I recently sold most of my collection with the exception of my preWWII horse cavalry DI collection. I still have a passion for that and collection is almost complete. I am 83 years old. Retired
  3. I plan to be there on Friday. I haven't been to one of these shows since it was in Denver several years ago. I hope to add something to my collection of PreWWII horse cavalry DUIs. Retired
  4. I have a large dehumidifier in my finished basement and like Hawkdriver, I just use a hose to the floor drain. I keep it set on 55% humidity which seems to work out well.
  5. After looking at the last photo, I realized that the front tires on the trailer were not touching the base. The sets of wheels are independently suspended. Here is a second photo with all of the wheels down. In setting up for this photo, I accidentally knocked one of the antennas off of the tank. I didn't take time to re-attach it until after finishing the photo session. It is now back where it belongs.
  6. I have finally finished this model. Here is a view of the entire heavy equipment transporter with an M1A2 Abrams on board.
  7. Here is a photo of mine which I know is ok for comparison.
  8. Cesar: It looks good. I would like to offer the following suggestions: The rifle and scabbard should be under the stirrup strap and the feed bag should be slipped over the right end of the cantle roll. You have done a good job. Retired
  9. Thanks for the kind words. I thought that it was a pretty good job for someone almost 82 years young. Retired
  10. Last view. I may take a break before beginning the trailer but will eventually finish the whole vehicle.
  11. Here is the third view. This model is extremely detailed and has almost all of the items found on the real vehicle.
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