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    My interests are WWI and WWII named uniforms especially of any individuals that have won any medals of valor. Also interest in WWI US Army 90th division uniforms. And looking for Purple Hearts with ties to the state of Florida.

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  1. Very interesting grouping I'm sure it will gather a lot of interest. Welcome to the forum from a fellow Floridian.
  2. He must have been proud of his 332nd service to put on his headstone. Too bad I didn’t find his uniform too but who knows if it survived or not. I had never seen a 332nd piece of trench art.
  3. Thanks for the information I had not seen that before very interesting thanks.
  4. Thanks!! Yes it says Don H Johnston co M 332 inf. Very neat to associate a name with it.
  5. Thanks!! I thought it was neat that it’s made on an enemy shell too.
  6. Found this piece of wwi trench art recently and couldnt pass it up. I normally dont collect trench art but when I saw the 332nd connection I had to pick it up to go with a 332nd uniform I have.
  7. The time to buy something is when you see it. If your looking at an item that is difficult to find an would be important to fill a hole in your collection It would be difficult to walk away from hoping another one turns up eventually, what If it doesn’t or who’s to say values don’t keep increasing so paying a little over now might not be so bad compared to what the item could be worth 10 years from now, it’s a gamble but that’s the way I tend to look at it.
  8. Very nice find it’s a really interesting group.
  9. The middle one looks like the Philippine independence medal to me early version
  10. I will be posting some of the ones with a story to tell after all the pieces start coming together.
  11. Hmm that’s interesting. There seems to be quite the variety in this grouping. From whah I have researched and with information another forum member provided there seems to be two USMC Purple Hearts in the group from WWI both were in the 6th regiment. The bronze star on Mays does have the V device so I though he would be easier to find.
  12. Thanks Rob. The Charles may one I hadn’t been able to find anything on I was curious on that one. Is that heart and bronze star privately engraved then?
  13. Haha I can see that. My collection went from 6 to 30 overnight. And unfortunately the navy box is empty but it came with the lot. If there is any someone would like a better photo of I will gladly post it.
  14. Yes actually I bought these from the son of a medal collector his dad had passed away a few years ago and the opportunity came up so I had to jump on it. His dad turns out had donated most of all the other medals to a museum before he passed but decided to hang on to the Purple Hearts. I was told there were boxes of high end DSC SS and all kinds of stuff.
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