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    My interests are WWI WIA and posthumous WWII and Korean War Purple Hearts. Primarily pacific theater for WWII and always looking for medals to soldiers from Florida.

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  1. Very impressive and historic sets of medals. Thanks for honoring the sacrifice made by these two family’s.
  2. Thanks everyone for the comments. I am glad I can be the caretaker of this grouping. in my searching I did find some information on the Find a grave website about some some of his crew members. One of which mentioned the air medal citation for that crewman. I can imagine the pilots read something similar. Stratasfan. Wow that is interesting that your uncle severed in the Aleutians. As far as the medals hard to say if his were numbered or not. Possibly? Probably? I could be wrong on but it’s possible if they were that they are listed on the general orders issuing the medals.
  3. I wanted to share the story of the pilot who’s medals I just acquired to honor his service and sacrifice since we are coming up on the anniversary of he and his crew being listed as missing in action. I am still working on hopefully getting the citations for his DFC and Air Medal. It does appear from my research so far he was the only member of his crew to earn the DFC. The lieutenant was in the 21st bomb squadron with the 11th Air Force in the Aleutians campaign. On his mission of January 18th 1943 three B24s were lost. One crash landing on an island with no loss of life the other two were mi
  4. Very neat that you have a Maury crewmen’s diary. I’m sure it has some great content. Sound like your guy and the guy who’s group I have both spent the entire war on the Maury. If the book mentions him it’s possible he uses his nickname which is throughout the scrapbook they called him Hi Hughson short for his middle name Hiram.
  5. Thanks everyone! There are many more interesting pages in the scrapbook and it contains just about every letter he wrote home. Some letters have some very interesting content there’s even the letter he wrote home on Dec 8th 1941 to let his mother know he was ok. Another officer on the ship who there is pictures of in the scrapbook wrote the book South Pacific Destroyer by Russel Crenshaw I will try and find a copy of this book to read and keep with the grouping I’m sure it mentions Howard Hughson in it.
  6. The USS Maury was one of the more decorated ships of WWII, finishing the war with 16 battle stars and a presidential unit citation. Here is a grouping I’d like to share to honor one of her officers. Howard Hughson was an officer on the ship prior to Pearl Harbor and remained onboard for the duration of the war, during that time earning the Silver Star. Here are some pictures of his grouping of items. The scrapbook is fairly impressive I have photographed a few of the interesting pages but there is a lot of information in it. Also a neat wood carving picture of the ship possibly done onboard
  7. Thanks everyone for all the positive comments. My room is something I try and work on as often as I can, if it’s adding something or just trying to arrange it where it makes the most sense. I’m going for the mini museum look. here’s an updated picture of a display that I’m constantly working on and looking to add too. It’s my display to honor soldiers killed from my home state Florida. I currently have two medals to Korean War KIAs and two to Vietnam KIAs. I still have yet to find a WWII one from Florida but I try and get any that I come across.
  8. Very nice historic medal. There is a lot of good info out there on the Samuel B Roberts. Im sure you have seen the history channel series WWII in HD, but there are portions of some episodes about the Samuel B.
  9. I wanted to bring this posting up as i am looking for this medal. It sold on the forum years ago sometime after this posting. If anyone owns or knows someone who has it and has any interest in selling please let me know. I have a KIA purple heart to a SGT in F company as well killed the same day 2/4/1943 and would love to see if i can acquire this medal to have them together since they were in the same unit. The Americal Div didn't have many casualties on Guadalcanal so you could imagine my surprise when i found this posting. Any help is appreciated .Thanks.
  10. Thanks everyone. From what I have read only 26 of the Point Class Cutters went to Vietnam. Yes the red portion of the flag has deteriorated and it does seem to be silk at least the red portion. Although it looks like it was also in rough shape in the picture of them holding on the back of the boat. He thought that photo was taken in late 67 or in early 68. I will read on the best way to stabilize this flag and preserve it to make sure it doesn’t get much worse. I would like to have in professionally framed but If it’s not good for the flag then I won’t do that.
  11. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. There are many more interesting pictures and he has many stories on what all him and his boat did during the war and when they captured this flag. It made me research more about the history of the point class cutters in Vietnam and it’s all very interesting. I hope to have this flag properly mounted and framed so it can be preserved.
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