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    My interests are WWI and WWII named uniforms especially of any individuals that have won any medals of valor. Also interest in WWI US Army 90th division uniforms. And looking for Purple Hearts with ties to the state of Florida.

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  1. Found this picture of him being awarded the medal. I believe he was awarded the medal sometime in March of 1945 or close to there as guessed by Dave. He was wounded more severely in the hand in Feb of 45 and was sent to England where he was in and out of the hospital for 10 months before being discharged in Dec of 45.
  2. Thanks Dave I was very happy to find this medal and take the chance on it. I know we cant be 100% sure it’s his but it seems very likely that it is. Would you say this is the medal he was presented in 1945 and had it engraved at some point with his initials. It is still really neat to think that without the initials this medal like many others would have been lost to time. Also very fortunate that there were not 10 people with the same initials.
  3. After doing some more digging on this one I think I for sure have it. I believe this medal belonged to the 90th division soldier. Thanks to Dave for eliminating the Korean War guy. Turns out the recipient of this medal at one point lived about 14 miles away from where I bought this medal and his daughter and grandchildren still live within the county. So the coincidences have stacked up for this medal for being the only non posthumous recipient in WWIi with theses initials and living a short distance from where I purchased. Wish I knew the story of what happened and why it was separated.
  4. Found this article from 2010 in North Carolina where he was presented the DSC certificates. Interestingly the article mentions he never had a awards ceremony and was presented his medal in the field. So this guy is a good possibility I suppose.
  5. Thanks Dave. That helps. So that leaves just the WWII guy unless it is a WWI replacement. I guess i will never really know for sure but it does make it neat and was a nice surprise for me. I didn’t see any other guys it could be for Korea or Vietnam and I would have to be someone who was not KIA.
  6. Thank you. So far just the one for wwii and the Korean War only has one possibility as well. And Vietnam had none matching the initials. I will review the wwi recipients as well.
  7. Thanks for that so far so good then. I just looked at the wwii list and there were two recipients with the initials JRP and one of them was posthumous so I would say eliminate him and the other survived the war. Now I’ll see if I can find anything for Korea or Vietnam.
  8. Just picked this up cheap so it doesn’t matter either way but I would like some thoughts on this medal and if there’s any luck in narrowing down who it belonged to if it is legit. When I picked up the medal to look at it I was assuming that it was just a DSC and I was surprised to see the initials J R P on the back. I know it’s private engraving so I would assume the recipient survived. So I’m looking if there’s a way I can narrow it down. Any help or comments are appreciated
  9. Thanks everyone for the reply’s. Some of the pictures are interesting I really like the one i posted of the guys posing with their 45s. I’m assuming that’s of his company but who knows.
  10. Thanks Trenchrat. I have been working on expanding my wwi collection and trying to locate named uniforms. I really enjoy the differences in all the divisions and their patches.
  11. I recently just did a post over in the display section about my museum room in my house. So to get a little more specific I thought I would post some more pictures and details I have about this 1st Division grouping. Herman Luchies from White Cloud Michigan was with the 28th infantry regiment The Black Lions of Cantigny and at the time of discharge was a wagoner with the supply company. Herman passed away in 1985. There are a lot of postcards and pictures taken by him some are actual photos of his company others appear to be generic combat photos but many are very graphic that I have never see
  12. Uniform named to then Major William H H Morris Jr. Wounded and recipient of the distinguished service cross in WWI with the 90th division. Later commanding general of the 10th Armored division during WWII with Patton around the battle of the bulge. Very interesting career. I saw another forum member has one of his WWII uniforms and another member has one of his WWII helmets at one time. Uniform is French made and named to him. Purple Heart is not his there for display only.
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