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  1. I saw it as well Spike. That was the second JJ, the one I kept for a few months. I did return it to MT on SoS many years ago. Best M
  2. Stunning.. Both are center pieces in any collection. Can’t be too many of those necklaces out there Jason. Venus Jewelry did a lot of custom work to SF guys according the owner, and they still do to this day. Martin
  3. All 3 fully documented to the veterans, if my recollection is right. Absolutely beautiful Tiger Stripe Berets my friend. Best Martin
  4. Cool group Bob, some beautiful pieces there. Outstanding. I can however not imagine holding that knife with the pommel turned upside down. Thanks for posting this beautiful group. Best Martin
  5. Beautiful Owen. I never realized that it looks as the eagle is smoking. Best Martin
  6. Got the summer covered. Gonna be drinking my coffee or Gentleman Jack with style. TS shorts are copies. Now I just need to get the sewing machine out and dusting off my sewing skills. Best M
  7. Arch, that’s just a cool looking kit. Congrats bud. You should try to get a matching shirt. Best Martin
  8. Thanks Owen. Joseba, nice documented set. Best M
  9. Owen, your modified advisor set is way beyond cool. Best Martin
  10. Way beyond cool TS scraps boonie. Best M
  11. Way cool Arch. I hope you got luck with the veteran. Best Martin
  12. CAG carried Dan Winkler Ax and dagger along with all those bring backs, it doesn’t get any better than this Ed. Best M
  13. Great bring back stuff as always Ed. I love the Dan Winkler Ax and dagger. Those are rare and highly collectible today, especially when you got provenance as I guess you got. Great stuff, thanks for sharing. Best M
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