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  1. There was a pretty large paper grouping for Neider on Ebay several years ago, here are a few from the grouping.
  2. Great grouping!!! Check out "Dear Folks at Home," there is a letter that was published in the book that Hill wrote home.
  3. Wow!!! Great collection, loving the 3rd Composite grouping. Thank you for sharing.
  4. That sucker was all full, go ahead and send it now. Enrique
  5. GWS your yardlong is a heck of a lot darker and clearer than mine could you post a better pic of Stockham please.
  6. Hello GWS I haven't been in the forum in quite sometime, I am glad I found this thread. I have the same yardlong and it is also a bid faded. I believe that this was the way it was developed. The pre-deployment yardlongs are pretty rare, that I know there were 2 versions this one and there is another one that was published in Leatherneck Magazine. https://www.mca-marines.org/leatherneck/2008/06/96th-company-bouresches Really cool story about how one of the family members took the photo out of the frame and a listing of everyone of the members in the photo was on it. What made the photo
  7. While at the VA I spoke with a B-29 crewman that was stationed on Tinian and he told me that he came home on a cruiser that stopped at Tinian specifically to pick up troops. He said that all kinds of ships would stop by to pick up troops including aircraft carriers, battleships, and support ships.
  8. Bob, I had this but no photo......you probably already have it.
  9. Kevin, great posting.......here is another photo of Turner. (same as the first)
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