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  1. Also, being a non military medal, why would it be allowed to be worn on the ribbon bar?
  2. Hi, Thank you for the photo. I looked at mine with a loop and no signs of ever having enamel on the upper leg. It just has a gilt rayed finish. The gilt matches the rest of the medal. Here is a close up photo. David
  3. Thank you for the photo and the info. Yes the medal looks the same. The only difference I can see is the upper arm on mine is gilt and not enameled. I am guessing designating a different class of the order. It seems strange that a non military medal would have a ribbon on the military ribbon bar. Does anyone know why that would be? David
  4. Thank you for the information. Very sad that they both passed away together. David
  5. Hi, Thank you guys for your responses. I got the medal and ribbon bar along with some other medals including his named Legion of Merit from his estate about 20 years ago. He retired as a Major General. The order above, would it have been from WWII era? I notice the ribbon bar appears to end with his WWII service as later medal such as the Legion of Merit are not on it. My favorite piece is his hat. I am a big hat collector. His name is Major General Carl J Dueser. David
  6. Hi, Can anyone help identify the ribbon on the ribbon bar and corresponding medal. I thought Order of St. John at first, but not it. Thanks, David
  7. I too was tempted. Very nice looking helmet
  8. Yes a horrible addiction. I recommend the 12 step program. and it looks like you have already acknowledged step 1.
  9. Great looking. What time period is it from?
  10. Very sad story. I have always had an interest in pocket watch and am curious who the maker is ?
  11. Great detail on the para wings. Who is the maker ? David
  12. Nice looking helmet with early liner. I thought Navy helmets were gray. Were the helmets also left green when used on the ships. Or was this for someone who went ashore? David
  13. So many small details to look for. 30 years ago it was just fixed bail or swivel bail. But today with the internet and lots of collector research Numbers, manufacturers dates. Great stuff.
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