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  1. Todays project! I wire brushed and painted an old aquarium stand that I was just gonna throw away, and cut some boards for the shelves. Then, I finally found a use for those glass vases that came with the flowers I used to give my ex-wife on Valentine's Days (was gonna throw those away too). Taaa Daa!!!!! A new home for my USGI helmet collection! All of the helmets are WWII, except for the lower middle one (a Vietnam-era lid). Added a few shoulder patches from my collection, and I call is done! BTW- That Kabar USMC Mk2 fightning knife on the bottom is the one that I found at an antique
  2. It's been a while since my last post! I picked up this Kabar USMC knife at an antique store today. It's my 1st knife of this type. From what I have researched, It appears to be a legit WWII-issued knife with a round tang, no cross pin. Includes the leather sheath. I have seen references to 9-staple sheaths- This one has 10 staples in it. Is this unusual? Lots of parkerizing on the blade, except for the lower half where it was sharpened. And it is VERY sharp! I paid $85 for it, which I thought was fair. Any additional information or comments are welcomed! John
  3. This is truely a shock. I communicated a bit with Gary on another board in the past. I pray for him and his family in these trying times. John
  4. Don't throw them away Kim! I need a part of the buckle (the little "flipper" thing) for one of my chinstraps. Let me know if you have one and want to work something out! John
  5. Excellent grouping that is especially interesting to me because Sanborn, MN is only about 45 min. drive from me. I have a couple friends who live there, and I regularly drive thru it when I visit the local antique stores (looking for military stuff). Hits pretty close to home! John
  6. Goggles were also a popular accessory in the early days of the automobile. Nice vintage goggles in any case!
  7. Nice! Here is my only sweetheart hanky. I got it from an antique store a couple of years ago for $3.00 The material is very light-weight and sheer, and the RCAF wing design is hand-painted. Enjoy! John
  8. Here is a pic of the only State Guard Items that I have (besides a MN SG ribbon bar that was recently identified ). It's a small New York State Guard lot from a local antique store. John
  9. Very nice to see that a deserving soldier be awarded this honor, even if a little late! John
  10. Nice find! But......Is that picture reversed? The reason that I ask is that on th M5A1's, the pintle mount for the .30 cal machine gun is supposed to be on the right-hand side of the turret (in between the grousers), not on the left-hand side as your pic shows. Also, I see the opening for the .30 cal MG in the mantel is on the left side in the pic; It should, again, be on the right side. Just wondering, John
  11. DM1975- Is that a 27th Wolfhounds uniform that that CIB is on? Let's see the rest of it! John
  12. Very interesting and important Minnesota history! I didn't know that so much history was so close to me. I am also extremely happy that you have unintentionally identified a ribbon bar that I, up until now, didn't know what it signified. In post #6, my ribbon bar below has been identified. Thank you very much! John
  13. Darrel- Very nice CIB! I am sure that yours is made by the same maker as the last one that I posted earlier; Makers mark in the same location, and the legs of the letters T, I, and N just a little bit shorter on the bottom than the other letters. The leaves have the same level of detail too. Congrats! John
  14. I'm not so sure those are M11's in that pic (as cool as it is!). The M11, Browning A-5, Savage 720, etc... have a barrel that recoils into the reciever when fired. Those brackets attached to the barrels wouldn't allow the barrels to recoil. I could be wrong, though.
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