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  1. Found this and forgot I had it so thought I would share for those interested in 101st WWII history. Original photo of the 2nd annual 101st reunion in New York City in 1947. This came from the estate of 506th Medical Officer Major Lewis Kent (he was the Regimental Surgeon). Not sure which order the shots will come out but shown are Generals Taylor & McAuliffe of "Nuts" fame. Also the shown is the Easy Company 506th table where there is Buck Taylor, Bill Guarnere, Herb Suerth, Carwood Lipton and Skinny Sisk (Shifty Powers is obscured). The 101st banner is also partially viewable. Neat
  2. Most have seen the 1944 version of the paper map used by the 101st & 82nd for the invasion of Normandy. In 1943 when the 101st first arrived in England this is the version they initially used for planning and training. "Cherboug & Caen" edition. I have only seen a handful of these as they are quite rare. There seems to be 2 versions as well. One with nothing on the back and this one that shows terrain features and flooded areas printed on the back. I believe these were used solely at the Regimental level and the other 1944 paper map was issued in larger quantities to 'Troops as
  3. Thanks everyone for the kind comments. I would venture to guess that so few exist because they were probably a fairly expensive item at the time since they were mechanical pencils. A pennent or even stationary would have been much cheaper. Thanks again! Allan, PM sent.
  4. Something one does not see every day. Original, WWII Mechanical pencil as available at the PX in 1942. Made from bakelite plastic and printed with "US Paratroops logo & Camp Toccoa. I 30+ years of researching the 506th I have only encountered 2 of these. They are RARE! Hope you enjoy! Thanks for looking.
  5. Mikey, Why did you bid? You have a footlocker full of them! As Kammo-man stated this is good for the US Militaria collecting field. It validates the collectibility of our own Nations artifacts. Imagine this example were named or ID'd?
  6. Joe was a great guy and good friend. It was sad to hear that news. He was quite the guitar player as well. He is missed. I am thinking back to BoB and I know Chaplain Maloney was depicted and I believe Chaplain McGee was as well. I don't recall either one being wounded in the series although both were at different points during the war in real life. Maloney can be seen administering last rites in the Carentan scene. Perhaps you can match this helmet to that one.
  7. That is a great photo. A side note about Tony...he actually burried a box of gold bars somewhere in Austria at the end of the war. Where exactly remains a mystery. He would discuss the gold very vaguely but was adamant about the story. He and Les met at jump school and remained friends after the war.
  8. No actually I had it published first. I knew both Tony and Les well.
  9. Fred Bahlau was one of the Greatest Men I ever knew. We met a long time ago and I had the honor to go to Europe many times with him. He was a very dear friend. I had a chance to visit him last January. For those who don't know he was one of the most fearless men in the 506th and one of smartest assigned there ever. He was the essence of the 506th. A FEARLESS combatant and still the "Mother Hen" . He was a Man amongst Men. Soft Landings, I Miss you my Friend! (I'll bring the stockings)
  10. Thank you Sir! Are the common or un-common? I have held and seen 100's of WWI Uniforms. Never seen this patch. Thanks again!
  11. Thanks AEF! Is it somewhat un-common? I have seen and held 100's of WWI uniforms but never saw this one before. Thanks again!
  12. I have been around this stuff for a long time. Never seen this one. Still on the WWI uniform and from a 2 War family grouping. The sons served in WWII. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  13. I have been around this "stuff" a long time. Just came out of the "woodwork" Never seen this patch before. 2 War Family. It's still on the WWI uniform and the the sons served in WWII. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Thanks everyone. This has been entrusted a great guy who has "walked in the same footsteps". He's a "Screaming Eagle" himself and a hell of a combat Officer/leader.
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