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  1. Thanks for the info KurtA. I knew there was something not right about this. I've gotten some diamonds in the ruff from this guy. But everything he think is high end is always questionable.
  2. This is for my education as I am not well versed in this topic but I saw this at an antique store and there is just something that seems off to me. The only information I have to go on is the little bit of research I was able to do and my gut. I'm looking for other more experienced members to hopefully weigh in on this topic and shed some light on this topic so that I may gain some knowledge.
  3. Incredible! What a great piece of history.
  4. Found Him! Looks like my mystery man is Harry Benjamin Dodge USNA class of '30. This is picture of him in the 50's when he was captain of the USS Pollux. Thank you Skysoldier80 for that list of possibilities. It was a great help and thank you to everyone else for your information and opinions!
  5. Thank you all for your help! I thought my idea of 2nd Nicaraguan was far fetched but you have confirmed my hunch. As for a head on shot of him hopefully this might do and on another photograph he is referred to as "Harry"
  6. Sadly no. This came in a photo album I recently purchased that has a lot of family pictures and some more of the man on the right when he came home. I am in the process of looking at the back of each photo in the album to see if there are any clues to the family's identity.
  7. Trying to identify the ribbon that I have highlighted in the picture. The closest I have come up with is 2nd Nicaraguan Campaign but to me that still doesn't look right. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Thank you guys for weighing in on the subject. It seems that the general consensus is what I had pretty much know all along but wanted to make sure there might not have been something I missed. All and all it is still a pretty cool RPPC that I love having in my collection!
  9. I picked up this RPPC a couple of weeks ago not knowing much more than it was military and was from the earlier part of the 20th century. Upon further inspection I realized that the man in the center of the photograph is General Pershing. Since then I made a high quality scan and have been dissecting every inch. Now my question is, and this is where I might be crazy, does the man on the immediate right of Pershing look like Eisenhower? For some reason he does to me but I have not been able to connect the two given the other factors that are working against me with this photograph. For one it i
  10. I love the inventive ways you chose to display these pieces!
  11. Looking for the 10 & 15 yr NYS LFS medals of Daniel M. Katz. I was able to purchase his 71st regiment medal which was sold separately but missed out on these. If anyone has any leads I would greatly appreciate it!
  12. Thank you for the information! Is there any market for something like is?
  13. I found these in a group of insignia I picked up this past weekend and am skeptical about them. The back has me the most concerned because I don't know if that's the sin of it being a reproduction/recast or if this was someone's sloppy way of adding the clutch backs. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Erik
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