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  1. cool news. Now if I could only find the Ames mark!
  2. Hi reschenk, that's the same post you made above, But I was meaning to ask what ray skin is.
  3. I don't have any record on their height so far as I know. The blade of the sword is 28" and the whole thing is 33". All I have to go on is this photo with Louis Jr on the Left, his wife next and then Louis Sr in back of her. Not much to go on.
  4. I think that for the time being, unless some super sword expert comes along and can definitively date it, I'll assume that it is my great grandfather's sword given that my uncle has no doubts and that there is no "Jr" after Shane even though there would be room with that font and size. If it has been in that case for over 100 years I don't know why it wouldn't still be like new. I do wonder about the lack of a maker/dealer mark and the incredible faintness of the engraving of the name. I wonder if the two go together. Perhaps he purchased a stock sword and had the engraving done hi
  5. That's interesting. I think my grandfather Louis Shane Jr would have had the Jr put on the sword knowing his father would also have one but I suppose that I night never be 100% certain. Louis Jr would have gotten his in 1926 when he graduated.
  6. It's also upside down from the orientation I'd have expected. I had never closely inspected it from the up side down view.
  7. Jeez that'it hard to see. But there is no Jr.
  8. Hang on. On very close inspection I can see the name Louis Shane ever so lightly engraved where an engraving should be. It's lighter than the engravings I posted above. I have tried to photograph and having a hard time. I'll keep trying with particular note if there is a Jr. present also.
  9. Forgot the URL https://historical.ha.com/itm/edged-weapons/swords/late-19th-early-20th-century-us-m1852-naval-officer-s-sword/a/6098-32687.s
  10. I am only certain to the extent that my Uncle is certain that it belonged to Louis Shane Sr. I've asked my Uncle if he knows anything about the sword that his father would have had and his response is that it must have gone down with the Shark 174. He knows nothing of it. Reading https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Model_1852_Naval_Officers_Sword There is a note about 20th century swords being straight. Not exactly sure what that means. Were pre-20th century swords up-swept at the tip? And when exactly did this change take place? It doesn't say. 1898 could go either way given the vague re
  11. I learned a bit of history talking to my uncle. He got the sword from the sister of his father, Lt CMDR Louis Jr. This was in the 1960's. He was unaware of any of Capt. Shane's medals including your Sampson. He does know that Capt' Shane's graduation ring was given to someone on Capt Shane's wife's, Anabel's side of the family. Whether the medals went that way also he has no idea. Another bit of news, when my Uncle was in the Navy, he graduated Annapolis in the late 1950's, he met several people who had known Captain Shane very well. They also spoke highly of Captain Shane and inf
  12. Right side 2 I don't see a manufacture mark. Do you?
  13. I've tried to photograph the engravings on the blade. The convex and then convave shape makes it hard to get a good angle but here's my try. This is left side 1
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