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  1. Hey everyone, can someone with an M-1912 cavalry bandolier and an M1 Garand clip tell me if the M1 clip will fit in the pockets of the 1912 bandolier? Much thanks.
  2. Thanks for fixing it for me RC, I've been posting pics successfully for years on this forum, sometimes it just doesn't work for me. Thank you very much. I agree Allen, whoever it was that used all this gear had a very interesting job in the military, that's for sure!
  3. That's the one I selected. It seems that about 50% of the time photobucket does fine, the rest of the time it's screwing up in some way. Now I can't edit my original post, so when it does work right, I'll just have to put the pics in a reply.
  4. A while back, I posted a thread about two vests I found in a box of gear- http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/189347-found-a-pair-of-vests/ In the same box, were these tropical rucks, -one is in it's original configuration, and the other has been modified. As you can see, the one ruck had some fastex buckles and webbing installed on the pockets and main straps, the kidney pad has also been removed and a '80s ALICE waist belt laced on with paracord. When I bought the box of webgear, they pulled the packs out and made me buy them separately. I had to pay $35 for the ori
  5. I've been using MOLLE cargo straps as compression straps on my large ALICE pack, just like that, through the bedroll tabs. It works real well. That's pretty good Allen. Maybe a web loop with a buckle, like a cut down cargo strap, from the top of the frame through the carry handle of the assault pack would keep it from sliding down. I can see the small pack working itself down while walking.
  6. I see, I just assumed no one knew anything about them, and that's why I didn't get any replies with almost 150 views, not that my title wasn't exciting enough. Thank you, I'll edit the title and see what happens. Edit: The edit option has gone away in my original post, could one of the mods change it to " Found a pair of London Bridge vests...." Thanks again, Hotlead.
  7. Oh well, the floatation vest goes to E-bay and the tac vest gets used for three gun matches. Thanks.
  8. Yep, AP is armor piercing. ACP is "Automatic Colt Pistol", just a way to differentiate this one from the dozen or so other .45 caliber rounds of the time. The Teflon coating on hollow point pistol ammo has nothing to do with it's penetration, armor defeating qualities, or affect on target. It's simply a lubricant to aid in reliable feeding of hollow point rounds from the magazine and into the chamber at a time when most pistols were expected to reliably run only FMJ ball, there was a real lack of understanding about hollow points early on and much of the FUDD persists today.
  9. Yessir. If you mean the LINCLOE pouch, I've picked up two more since I took that pic. The one on the left is unissued, and the other has only some storage and handling wear. Neither has ever had the internal flaps snapped, and the unissued one has no evidence of the belt keepers being closed.
  10. The second is this older tactical vest, The plastic hardware is dated 1999 I think it's also an older LBT vest, but all the tags were removed. It's sterile except for this rack number, This RACK leg panel was folded up in the large pocket on the left side, What do you all think?
  11. ....just outside of Monterey, Ca. the other day. They were in a box of gear that came from the same guy. The first one is a London Bridge floatation harness, I believe model 1195, It's a little salty, literally, here's some salt water corrosion of the lacing grommets, Fastex buckles, dated 1994,
  12. It's cool, s**t happens. I'm over it. Still waiting on that documentation......;-)
  13. I see what you did there. From your grammar, sentence structure, writing style, that there are no other spelling errors in your post, and that the "h" and "l" have two keys between them, I don't believe this to be a mistake. You were precise enough in your previous post, my reading comprehension is just fine, I just disagree with what you said. I'd like to see those design requirements, if you don't mind posting them here. I'd hate to think that I've been living by, and spreading false information. I have put two BAR mags in the first and second model ammo case, they fit just fine. A
  14. I always have. For some reason, my pics just showed up as links, whick apparently don't work. I haven't changed how I do it, and pics show up on other forums. I don't know what to say.
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