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    Camp Sutton - World War II army camp located near Monroe, Norh Carolina. Tracking the units that trained there and attempting to establish a database to answer the most popular question at the Local Heritage Room and Union County Public Library of "I have a picture of my father or grandfather with Camp Sutton written on the back what can you tell me?"
  1. That is what I thought when I purchased them. But anything could have hung from them. I like them and plan to finally use them in a display but it is always better to know for sure what they were for.
  2. Does anyone have any information on these two Eagle Hangers? There is a hook at the bottom of them indicating something was suspended from them. I have had them for over 25 years. I got them when I was assigned at Fort Devens, MA at a local antique store. It looks like "AV" in a circle made by coming off the A and the V is the maker mark on the large one. They are old and well made. The large one is five inches wide and four inches high.
  3. I have one of these. I think I got it in the PX in Germany in 1989. I was trying to collect miniature German daggers at the time and purchased it for no good reason. It goes well with the US miniature swords I have made in Germany in the 1920's and 1930's.
  4. Judy, The changes in the organizations and their structure does complicate researching these Affiliated Ordnance Regiments. Your grandfathers unit was first organized as the First Battalion of the 302nd Ordnance Regiment (Base). It was organized with a Headquarter and Service Company; Company A; Company B: Company C and Company D. I will go into more details later. I have a copy of the battalion roster done three years after they were formed in the new structure listing all of the soldiers. I will be happy to share information with you and hope you will do the same. My email address
  5. Almost forgot to say that I love my kit's number of "665". If you believe in "666" then you are one digit from the devil dealing for your life.
  6. Just thought I would add a photograph of the kit I have in my collection.
  7. Bob Haff - Thank you for the information. The 303rd Ordnance Regiment Base was a strange organization. The second battalion was men from the John Deere organizations. The third battalion was men from the International Harvester organization. I have a photograph of Headquarters and Service Company, First Battalion with everyone named. Your posting explains why it is marked Headquarters and Service Company, 1st Bn. (Detached) 303rd Ord. Regt, (Base). Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD. I would love to get copies of any clippings and/or news letters you may have. I am willing to pay for the
  8. Sorry Steve. I have only worked on units that did their training at Camp Sutton. I don't think your father's unit was ever at Camp Sutton. Jack
  9. Thank you for the quick reply. I was looking toward police but my searches did not turn up an example.
  10. I trying to identify this insignia. It came in a small group of other items the vet brought home. On the center shield it has "Viet-Nam". On the book in center on the left page it has "LUAT". Across the bottom is "CONG HOA". Thank you for any assistance.
  11. Not sure if you guys had seen this. Moderator please move to the right location or delete if already posted. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-5c1940d8-5f8f-4fd4-ac12-e216184a9a72
  12. While in basic training I got the lovely duty of KP. The soldier in the bunk next to me was also selected. I had sweep and mopped the same floor from about 4:30 till 22:00. On the way back to our hut we ran into a couple of our Drill Sergeants. I expected the worst but for some reason they were very civil. They just kept us out there in the cold just talking away. Very strange to me. After I got inside I think I figured it out. Seems the soldier I was with liberated a whole cherry pie from the mess hall. He had stuffed it under his field jacket and as the DI's were talking it had bust
  13. Thank you for the information. The small piece of paper with this small group has in black ink "627th FA Bn Class III" on one line. Below in blue ink is "Attached to the 106th Inf Div". As I said earlier the soldier was assigned to Co H&S 2nd Italian ENG Reg. This small box was an eye glasses box mailed to the soldier at Imperial Dam, Yuma, Arizona. This is after the 2nd left Camp Sutton, NC. Included is the large green Italy patch worn by the Italian Service Units and a small Italian'English dictionary. A enlisted engineer collar disk and a coastal artillery collar disk is there
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