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  1. Go to this website and check out our 3", 57mm, and 37mm.... https://wtmvc.shutterfly.com/
  2. Looks good. Being a mechanic, I have to ask..... How does it run?
  3. Sam used to be in TN. He moved up there to be with family once his health started failing. I believe he has passed. I talked to him about buying a Stuart when I purchased. He was hard to deal with. Never could get a firm price, so I bought one out of Birmingham, AL. I guess dealing with tread kickers over the years kinda gives you a bad attitude with people.
  4. One last question..... It is a flag, case and the Medals, What do you think it is worth, as a set.
  5. Thanks guys. I do not collect Medals and know nothing about them, But I hate seeing a family just willing to throw away the things that show the man was a special person.
  6. I have a chance to buy this flag, case and medals, but I am not a medal guy. Can somebody tell me what the ribbons shown are? Thanks
  7. A good vehicle. Last of the flat fender Dodges in service. Vehicle people are really a nice group. Take you wife with you. Once she gets to know people she will really enjoy it. My wife has full a full WW2 WAC outfits for the display's and re-enactments we do. She enjoys the old men flirting with her.....
  8. G503.com is a good forum to be a member of if you plan on owning ANY military vehicles. There are more experts on vehicles on the site than anywhere else. Just like there are more members that know Militaria here than anywhere else I know. From mechanics, to hood numbers to the guys that write the books. All around best site there is on military vehicles, especially on Jeeps. I could help you on Dodges, but know nothing much about Jeeps.
  9. From what I have read over the years is that, The Life Expectancy of any Army vehicle was 6 weeks. Not that they were built to last only that. War has it's dangers.....
  10. You can always tell the 57mm by the top of the front shield. This one is mine.
  11. Neat. My Dad was in the CCCC. I tried to find a 1943 TN tag for my 1943 Dodge WC63. Tennessee did not make a 43 tag.... To save metal, they made a yellow triangle to put on the lower left corner of a 1942 tag...... Bummer....
  12. Talking to John at Midwest, he said the WC63 never had a US heater kit. Do you have any photos of what you are talking about? Thanks
  13. Yes, I finally found some photos in David books on the WC. The fording kit, the air breather hose came out the side of the hood. and the exhaust ran up next to the bed. Do you have any photos of the heater kit.
  14. Well, I discovered something new about my WC63 yesterday. I was pulling running board off on the passenger side to replace the wood spacer blocks. So, I pulled the gas can holder off and found a round hole in it. I looked at the cowl, and there is 2 bolt holes in side of it. So it looks like my truck was equipped with a fording kit. Another interesting thing.... This truck went to Europe. No question in that as it was given to Norway after the war, and they used it till the early 90's. Then it came back to the US. Since this truck was made on July 23, 1943, went to Europe, and had a
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