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  1. History Man

    Larry Germain

    I haven't been the most active here for a bit, sadly this wasn't how I expected to kick it off. For years my father has been fighting Stage 4 Colon Cancer & Lymphoma III. He was a standup man with an amazing prior career in entertainment (Jesus Christ Superstar, Snoopy!!!, Return to Gilligans Island, Return to the Batcave, Brady Bunch Home Videos, and so so much more) and theater. Upon his diagnosis, he became doctors' miracle patient and even went into remission. Recently, the cancer spread to his brain and we remained in high hopes until he made his decision. He passed with his fami
  2. History Man

    RIP Tom Lane

    Horribly saddened to hear this, Tom was an outstanding collector that gave me so many bits of helpful advice over the years. My thoughts are with his family
  3. Will have to get some photos up, but found two great pieces. #1: Amazing, identified United Airlines stewardess uniform from 1947 #2: Kickass reversable tour jacket, velvet and silk with embroidered lions and eagles (1960s?)
  4. Found a standard 4-pocket for only....$49.99
  5. Nothing written on the card, though there is some plaster strips for repair still there. Thank you all for the information, this was completely out of my wheelhouse but took a chance on it. Glad I did. Due to college being fun and books being pricey, I will probably move this one to the for sale section.
  6. So is this bracket assembly something commonly seen?
  7. Came across this today in my travels and was curious what everyone thought about it. It's a pretty nice WW1 gas mask set with something strange about it, there's a black period handle attached to the connection point. Has anyone come across this before or seen it? Was in a footlocker for decades before being sold off this morning. Thoughts?
  8. This is one of two sets that came from a grouping to a Rockwell/NASA research pilot. I have never personally seen these before, especially the bullion example, but thought they were very cool. The felt patch appears to be the one affixed to slight suits. Just wanted to share it with the group.
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