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  1. Yeh, pretty sure the work of Mr Miraldi & others and his spray can
  2. very nice indeed, embroidery is a close match to one of mine http://www.modernforces.com/uniforms_Shorten_Boonie.htm
  3. these are some great photos. nice to resurrect this thread
  4. very interesting, never seen anything like it but the shell burst and AK look like the style on one of my plaques http://www.modernforces.com/uniforms_Bradow_SOG_plaque.htm
  5. O - do you know what film this was for or in?
  6. those pockets make it look like a commercial hunting piece to me
  7. I agree and there is also one to cover Thailand
  8. now that is a piece of history! you just keep em coming don't you!
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