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  1. Original maps are always super interesting. And that it’s for Okinawa no less
  2. The EGAs definitely seem post Korea based on photographs I’ve seen.
  3. I came across it for sale on Facebook.
  4. Hope the original post didnt come across as an accusation! Its an awesome uniform in its own right. Sucks someone felt the need to ruin it. Im always on the hunt for 3/5 stuff so seeing it was almost heartbreaking.
  5. Always amazed by the knowledge and pictures that you guys come up with! And Loic, your collection is even more amazing !
  6. Glad I didnt buy the listing. Its a shame, I love 3/5 stuff.
  7. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/84833-ww1-usmc-35-army-jacket/ Here is the original posting. It now sports 1stSgt stripes and (upside down) service stripes. I cant speak to the authenticity of the Battalion patch or uniform in the first place. Just my observation that its the same one.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys! I actually found an older post on this forum from 2010. Its the same uniform but without the 1stSgt and Service stripes.
  9. Good Evening, This was listed for sale. Im a big 3/5 collector and would absolutely love for this to be legit but I have a feeling it may not be. Thoughts ? https://imgur.com/gallery/N9U7rSX Thanks
  10. Something you dont see everyday.
  11. Now I wonder if 5th Marines had Fourrageres to wear in Australia.
  12. Haha no worries. Just hilarious to see Mad Dog refered to as maybe a chaplain
  13. Good eye! The square cap on the end of the strap is a hallmark USMC Trait
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