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  1. on the topic of M65s i found one that has an m1950 attached where a normal m65 hood should go
  2. Has anyone on seen an m65 with a sewn in M1950 hood instead of the usual one?
  3. Nice Finds, In the few stores ive been to that actually put out Halloween Stuff, I have found multiple items. ive found a 1962 dated rain poncho, I have found a 1963 dated M-1951 jacket, I have found a 1950s Era Ike jacket with patches, I have found a 1970s Cold Weather Mechanic jumpsuit, I have found a ECWCS Camo cold weather parka, and last but not least I have found a Brand new pair of Rocky Tan Combat boots with the laces still bundled up and the tags still on the laces.
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