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  1. We see a lot of of WW2 home front items however I thought I would post a polo worn by a member of the Joint Contracting Command in Iraq while Operation Iraqi Freedom was going on. This is not mine. Just giving credit where it is due to those who deployed to support the war fighter in-country.
  2. Right you are! OD Border Patches, by Woerpel 1993, J-S 1993 page 34
  3. Thank you both. Appreciate the IDs.
  4. I'm in the same boat. I have a heck of a time figuring it out since they were worn all the way up to Vietnam with cut edge full color. Here's my stumper. One piece cut edge and part of a group with WW2 CIB and ribbons mounted to a plastic rack. I'm wanting to list it but cant determine if it's era.
  5. The before and after photos has been done before. I believe by a UK Photographer. Good article although as you pointed out some factual errors. Jimmy Stewart was one of my favorite actors growing up. Kinda weird considering I grew up in the 70s but then, he was that good. 'Flak Happy' it's been forever since I heard that term.
  6. Congratulations! You have Captain Rogelio 'RJ' Garcia's ACU tops!! He was with 3rd Infantry Division, 1st Battlion, 3rd Aviation Regiment (nicknamed the Vipers). He was Bravo Company Commander and his call sign was Warlord 06. Typically 1-3 Avn. Here's the patch. Congrats and Strike to Kill!
  7. Flight Jacket. This one sold on Ebay. Research revealed the owner was KIA during the Easter Offensive if once again memory serves. Anyway these AH-1G Cobra qualification patches used to be plentiful. They appear sporadically now and again, the subdued version of the qualifcation patch is the harder one to find.
  8. Thanks flyingtiger. That's what I recalled but questioned myself. You're right Front Seater is a more accurate term that was used. Not mine anymore, cleared my collection(s) multiple times now but this was a left over in a shop at Fort Bragg, NC I moved on. Cobra Qualification unissued plaque. There was also a sticker with this patch design. And a Nomex top showing the typical wear of the qual patch. Same-Same for the flight jacket.
  9. And lastly the AH-1S TOW Pocket patch after the Gs went to the SMOD
  10. This is the standard issue version. And the harder to find subdued. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought gunners were also awarded the Cobra qualification patch.
  11. The first one you have is US made. The 2nd as mentioned is recent. I dont believe Korean made variant but a copy. Cobra NETT New Equipment Training Team
  12. Here are some of the in-country versions made in Vietnam for units. Cobra NETT and the transition school at Vung Tau also awarded them.
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