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  1. His awards from service. Again unsure why pictures are flipping on their sides, but sorry for the inconvenience, as Im unsure how to fix it
  2. And finally his picture and an example of his name tag
  3. Sorry, I dont know why the pictures are flipped, it wasnt like that at first. Heres his other uniform, and his coat, all with his name
  4. Being from the small town of Auburn, Illinois, finding local items is difficult. But in 1940, when our town population was less than 2,000 people, around 400 men dedicated themselves to service. 16 didnt come home. These are the uniforms of local Auburn WW2 vet William B Herron, who lived just 2 miles from me. He graduated from my high school in the class of 1944, was drafted shortly after, and was then in the US Navy. In December of 1944 he proudly joined the crew of the attack transport ship, the USS Pitt. The Putt joined 600 other ships in February of 1945 for the invasion of Okinawa where
  5. In my mind I was 100% confident in the ID, but I will take what you say to mind for the future. I normally do a great deal of research on the uniforms and owners of them In my collection as evident in the few other write ups on here, and I will be more careful in that process in the future. And on the matter of you insisting I have edited this jacket, I still stand on my word. I do not know the chain of ownership as you do, I only know who I got it from. I've never wrongly or falsely edited a uniform or item in my collection, and I haven't started now. I've dealt with many of the people here o
  6. Man thats a bummer. But given the evidence I think youre probably right on the jacket, theres too much that adds up. And I will say for it to be said that I didnt write the name In there. I know I wasnt accused, but I do take a lot of pride in my integrity and collecting, and wanted to make that clear. I also dont think the collector I got this from did it as I also have him in high regard. I really was hoping it wasnt, but the more I look at it the more I think it is newer ink as well. With that being said what should I do with the name of the consensus is its not original? Cross it out?
  7. No offense taken, Id like to get to the bottom of this too. I agree its very rough but Im at least certain it reads G Doss at the end of it, which the only name that matched with it on rosters was Leonard, and once I saw the rank and patches, I was certain with the ID. While its not a great primary source, thats how I interpreted it. I dont believe the name was added in anytime recently as it came to me as being unnamed from a collector, but do you think it was? Open to more comments on that subject as well
  8. Also, could you please send this to me? it seems some of this was cut off, but it would be greatly appreciated if you can point me to where you found it or a copy of it
  9. Heres the pic of the tag. I originally couldnt make out the first name only the G Doss at the end, but after doing research with that I became confident it reads Leonard, although I will admit Ive see better signatures ? If this was a reissue why did they leave the FEAF patch on? to my knowledge Ive never really dealt with a reissue before this, so Im just not sure what the procedure was
  10. Wow! thanks for the newspaper clippings and obituary, I had never seen those, and I didn't know he had gotten a Purple Heart. And doing some more digging I found he did enlist in the Army again on June 29th, 1946 in the regular army. Give me just a minute to snap a pic of his name and I'll get it in here as well
  11. Now that would make sense! I do remember seeing that when I first did research, but it slipped my mind and I guess I never wrote it down. As soon as I can request his file I will, but that very well could be it
  12. The name is written in the inside pocket of the jacket with the following Leonard G Doss Jr. in cursive ink
  13. I thought the same thing when I first started doing research on the name. But after consulting for some time with another forum member on this (and really, most of my research) we are both confident it is his. We could not come up with an explanation for the overseas bars and we could only speculate on the 32nd patch. I was hoping to get more info via NARA, but have been postponed in that. But as far as we could find he was the only Leonard G Doss Jr. to serve in the FEAF or in the US Army during WW2
  14. I've seen this before on your Instagram, but I'm glad this got bumped up for me to see again! Great story and awesome uniform
  15. The awards of Sgt. Doss and a map of the airfields on the island
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