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  1. One case priced and packed. Tables S-49 & S-50. Also a large Estate Collection of 50+ US & British Swords, Revolutionary War to WWI.
  2. Saw this too. The jacket has been re-dyed. You can see they brown dye around the edges of the patches as well as some dribbled across the name tag. It is still going to sell for far more then it is worth.
  3. Keep in mind that just because you already walked down an isle the previous day does not mean that it is the same stuff. Things sell, sellers put out new items. Also (very frowned upon) some sellers pack up so the surrounding sellers take their tables and put more stuff out. Plus there is always the late comers that put stuff out on their friends table when they show up on Friday or Saturday. So there are constant deals to be had from move in until the show closes. Also if something is not priced don't always assume it must be to expensive because it is still there late on Friday afternoon, it could be that just no one asked how much it was from the very beginning of the show.
  4. Eric, Picked up one this weekend identical to yours. This one belonging to the 10 SF Group Chaplain, Colonel Ammerman. He was with the 10th Group from June 1960 - May 1963. He later served in Vietnam with the 3rd Group. It is not magnetic, it seems to me to be .800 or less in silver.
  5. Yes, there are a lot of vintage clothing buyers that come through there. You should do well.
  6. Picked this up yesterday. This has to be the best B-15C Modified flight jacket out there as most of these I see are pretty worn. The stencil is 100%. Looks to be unissued and unworn.
  7. Owen, you are right. I was name calling. I was just trying to say that forum members are trolling items posted and start an argument just to start one. When the really don't know anything about what they are talking about.
  8. There is no proven fact that just Marines wore burlap painted covers. I have seen Dave G's helmet first hand and it is fantastic. This thread is a great example of why a lot of people don't post really great items on this forum anymore, and that is because of all the trolls that come out bashing items that they really don't know anything about.
  9. Picked this up at the Schertz TX Militaria show yesterday. Named on the inside to Leslie Graves. He entered the service in 1940 and was with the 143rd Infantry Anti-Tank Company. Would love to find a photo of this unit wearing tanker helmets.
  10. Yes I have about 50 to liquidate from that estate, US & British 1780-1918.
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