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  1. Picked this up recently from an estate, all but the Mickey squadron patch are from Carrier Air Group 95. This particular Ensign was assigned to VBF-95, Wrights Raiders. Not sure where the Enlisted Aviator rate fits in. More to come.
  2. The PAA Ferries Inc wing was only made for less then a year. Yes this wing is extremely rare as there were only a handful of pilots that flew for that subsidiary of Pan Am in North Africa. In mid 1942 Pan Am relinquished PAA Ferries Inc over to the ATC.
  3. Picked up this pair recently. The Pan Am Ferries Inc wing was worn by civilian Pilots flying cargo and troops throughout North Africa to British forces before and after the US entered the war. Pan Am was often described as FDR's Secret Air Force. The wing was only worn from early 1941 to mid 1942. There may have only been several dozen of these wings produced. The other wing is a Bronze coloured ATC, Air Transport Command pilot wing. Unfortunately there is no ID to who they belonged to.
  4. Yes, he added a watch fob chain with a catch in the center. He definitely wore it around.
  5. So obviously every major auction house turned him down and since you can't sell a "Purple Heart" on eBay, his last resort is Facebook Marketplace.
  6. This is the second thumbnail OLC I have found in the last couple months. This one is especially nice since it included the original document, box and WWI Victory Medal. PH serial# 10247 Roy R Rees 168th Infantry, 42nd Infantry Wounded May 27th 1918 & October 13th 1918.
  7. Rarely seen light blue USAF Experimental Test Sample Flight Suit and jacket. Both are named to Colonel Shelly (Sheldon) Godkin. Dated 1972. The jacket is a similar color to the NASA jackets by Flight Wear that were made around the same time. I have only ever run across one other light blue colored 2 piece flight suit a few years ago. Anyone have any information on these or other light blue test samples to show?
  8. Some trousers I picked up. A light weight cotton, non-ripstop. Seem to be cheaply sewn together with no labels or markings. Pockets on the thighs, hips and have small buttons.
  9. It looks like they gave you more stuff then just what was listed in the auctions, that is great. Did they mention anything about family? I suspect that everything was left to the Mormon church that wrote the obituary?
  10. The International Air Cadet Exchange is an annual student exchange program designed to promote character, good-will, and cooperation among the world's civilian auxiliary aviation programs. Participants come from organizations such as the Air Training Corps, Girls Venture Corps Air Cadets, Australian Air Force Cadets, United States Civil Air Patrol, German Society for Aeronautics and Astronautics, Royal Canadian Air Cadets, Turkish Aeronautical Association, Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps, Singapore National Cadet Corps, along with fifteen other equivalent groups in other nations. Cadets spend approx
  11. The address listed as the ALCC non-profit church. Unit# 706 https://www.guidestar.org/profile/52-2442380
  12. manayunkman, I was researching him for several days too. Glad I found what I did or there would have been a serious bidding war and one of us out a lot of money. With what you paid you can easily part it out and make some money. According to the Wiki page on the ALCC, it was founded in 1997 by Edmondson. The Wiki page is still in edit mode and not locked, meaning that most of what it says is unfounded. The ALCC website lists no physical addresses, just gmail email addresses of people around the world. I believe he just created his own church and military history of himself. There w
  13. His Obituary. https://www.copelandfuneralhomes.com/obituary/Robert-Edmondson Robert Walter Edmondson, 74, a proud son, patriot, and friend, of Sewickley, passed peacefully in his home on Sunday, May 3, 2020. He was born in Summit, NJ on August 9, 1945 to the late Walter Carver and Alice Elizabeth (Sullivan) Edmondson. A graduate of Bloomfield College and Drew University Theological School, he was a military advisor and chaplain in the U.S. Army Reserves. He was a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Pittsburgh 4th Ward, Franklin Park. Robe
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