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  1. I'll second that on the Renaissance wax. I'll post some pictures of a couple silver items I used it on and how long ago I used it on.
  2. Yep, the captain won't command a skiff after this. Unfortunately most of the command staff will also suffer. Too bad for the ones that aren't responsible.
  3. My mother had one but I don't remember if she got it at the VFW, DVA, or some other group she was a member of. She was also a Wave during WW2 and I have some of her uniform none of which is white.
  4. Nice finds. That would really be fun hunting and finding pieces of history no matter what they are. I've dug up some civil war stuff that unfortunately my sisters did something with while I was in Viet Nam. All I have left are a few artifacts that they didn't find when they cleaned out my room. Keep the reports coming.
  5. That's really kewl... It would also freak out my wife. The dog might go weird on me too, at least for a while at least.
  6. Is that Krag in that display? Hard to tell with the resolution (not a complaint) of the picture.
  7. Nice display. So, tell me, do you like explosives?
  8. markfh

    M1A1 AIM

    Ok, so there are mistakes on it? I don't think that matters since the overall project came out so well. Good job indeed.
  9. Wow... nice work. I could never sculpt anything like that. Heck, I had trouble making a snow man as a kid...
  10. Nice kit and even better job with the detailing.
  11. markfh

    B-29 Model

    That's a beautiful pair of airplanes. They fly 1/4 scale just outside of Houston and it's always fun to go watch.
  12. Kinda looks like GHW Bush.
  13. Ebay is one of those necessary evils. Not much out there that's any better at all. I did sell some WW2 German stuff on another site that took a long time.
  14. Like being a kid in a candy shop... Keep me away...
  15. DO NOT SAND... Use nothing that will remove metal. Find Renaissance Metal De-Corroder and use that. It will remove just the rust. You won't have to use a brush of any type unless the rust is flacky. To preserve the metal after cleaning the rust off use Renaissance Wax if you don't repaint. It will keep the metal from rusting. Again, I'm a purist when it comes to cleaning and using anything that is abrasive is to me destructive and with todays cleaning and preserving products I see no reason to be destructive if you don't have to. I've put this in other post but here are the three
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