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  1. I found info on another John William Bowen Acting Commanding General Third Army July 16, 1963 to July 31, 1964 John William Bowen was born on 3 July 1910 in the Philippine Islands. He attended the United States Military Academy and upon graduation was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Infantry. His career highlights include: Commanding Officer, 26th Infantry Division, NATO and Sicily, 1943-44 War Department General Staff, 1944 Secretary, War Department General Staff, 1945-48 National War College, 1949 Headquarters, Caribbean Command, 1949 Student & Faculty, National War Colle
  2. Need more info on this Sword. What year, type, model, etc. It's etched and a name of John William Bowen is etched on one side of the blade. Thanks for any info.
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