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  1. Sad to read this news,I hav3 bought from him some very nice items in the good old days when there was no internet but I had to wait for his printed list to arrive to my address in Italy and generally speaking most of the desiderabile items were already sold when I could read the list.I spoke with him many times by phone to order items.R.I.P.
  2. it can accomodate also the ballistic ceramic plates (front and back),the vest came without magazines,Cyalume sticks,lamp and O+ badge,I just added them to have an idea of the loading
  3. Hi, I got this set up,it has been used but fortunately not abused. Who could have worn it?USMC,SF,US ARMY,Contractors or whoever? thanks for any info
  4. good that some time fakers get caught and have to leave this great community.It is getting alway more and more difficult to spot fakes from the "real McCoy"....I know that my Country gave birth to one of them who was quite activ on Ebay.I attend some militaria exibitions here in Italy,and too many times I prefer to stay away from some objects that could be with an high probability fakes.I am talking mainly about helmets with units' markings or ranks' markings.There are many of them in these exibitions ready to be sold at quite expensive prices,but the guarantee that they are originals..... An
  5. more pics I post these pics without ANY other intention but just to share them with other Forum Members.I wish I could have bought this great Ike,although way too expensive for me.
  6. I would like to share with the other forum members this great Ike belonged to a NCO of the 82nd airborne division and fought from North Africa to the Rhine . GReat documented Ike,it was sold on Ebay for USD 2,949,a great sale price indeed
  7. great grouping,especially for someone like me interested in the italian campaign,where Mr Mosher got the silver star!!!!!
  8. thank you Patches for the informations,do you know where I could find a copy of the ww2 era regulations concerning the overseas stripes?
  9. great Ike and a great 34th infantry division collection! I love it especially because I focus on the ww2 italian campaign and the 34th was one of the division that first entered my hometown (Modena)in spring 1945
  10. IHi all,I ma trying to get some informations about the use and regulations for the overseas service stripe,the one that usually is sewn on the left sleeve of the Ike jacket in its lower part. I would like to know which were the rules and until when was it attributed,I mean until final day of war in the ETo PTO for thoes who were serving when the war got to its end,idoes it cover the service spent abroad after the end of the war (I am thinking about the american troops garrisoned in Italy Austria or Germany for example) or last day of issue was when the G.I. was finally stepping on american so
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