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  1. Picked this up today; pretty proud of myself for finding it. It's straight out of the woodwork and still has the cleaners' tag on the inside. Unfortunately the bottom ribbon row (Korea) fell off but the shop owner thinks she has it somewhere. Coat is named - "Wilson" and below that is either "A F" or "A P". Any Marine air experts out there who may have insight as to whom this belonged to? Note bronze stars instead of gold, on the AM.
  2. I recently obtained this ribbon bar representing the Civil War (left ribbon) and the China Relief Campaign, (Navy design, right). It's an old pin-back, with the ribbons sewn. I can not identify the ribbon in the middle. It's not the Loyal Legion or the original Navy GCM, and it's not the Ordnance Association. I've looked at probably a hundred state and fraternal medals to no avail. I'm wondering if it's one of the degrees of the Military Order of the Serpent (MOS). Colors are (l to r) black, yellow, red. Apparently there was an article in the OMSA journal not too long ago
  3. Excellent! I'm surprised that the Silver Lifesaving Medal doesn't go at least above the PH, especially in that era.
  4. That's the China Liberation Ribbon (so-called) which was awarded by Nationalist China--makes perfect sense that he would have that.
  5. This SFC received his combat jump star for Panama:
  6. No, unfortunately. The 124th Cavalry originally wore the SSI of the 56th Cavalry Brigade; apparently they were not considered a component of that after leaving the states so I guess they wore the patch of whatever army or corps they were under(?)
  7. The 124th Cav RCT was a great outfit. Tom, do you know if your uncle had the white, red and black ribbon on his ribbon bar, supposedly the "China Liberation" ribbon?
  8. I would imagine a WW II patch would be the same era. Just remember--with Korea, the X Corps patch is upside-down (white side up) whereas WWII it was the other way around.
  9. When did they prohibit the wearing of state awards by active-duty personnel?
  10. Evidently the blue/white/red ribbon second from last is the Philippine Resistance Medal. If I understood foreign award precedence I could probably figure out the rest. I would imagine the red one is a grade of the Legion of Honor with some sort of device. I read that the name for the Philippine MoH is actually the Medal of Valor(?)
  11. Oh that's right--I dimly recall that one now...Yeah, it threw me off because all his other foreign awards were down below. Nice ribbon too!
  12. What I want to know is: what the heck is that Brevet Medal-looking ribbon, just behind his MoH? Must be some obscure state award or something?
  13. Devil Dan--Are those ribbons (the Marine's) attached to wooden bars?
  14. I wanted to suggest Roy Appleman's series on the Korean War, if anyone is interested in studying that conflict. Appleman retired as a Lt Col. and was a working historian during the Korean War, traveling the country interviewing participants from PFC to Lt General. As army historian he created an epic work South to the Naktong, North to the Yalu which is a huge book around four inches thick. It's the offical history of about the first four or five months of the war. After that, in retirement he wrote East of Chosin, about the little known odyssey of RCT 31 on the east side of the Chos
  15. Glad to see dtom's C of M ribbon bar. Speaking of which, here's my favorite bar: It's very narrow, which is not unusual for that era. Don't know whose it was...
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