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  1. I was following this auction, which ended recently. The coat went for over $2,000. What bothered me was the combination of pristine, unit-specific 1st Cav SSI and Occupation of Germany ribbon; the former (they were in different colors) was done away with about 1934, and the latter wasn't conceived until 1941. There apparently was a number written inside the coat so perhaps something was verified, regarding identification of the veteran. I'm thinking that the uniform's largely legit but for the Cav patch. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Original-1930s-1st-Cav-Artillery-Capt-tunic-
  2. Here's my contribution. I think there's a good chance that 2nd Mar Div patch is original to the coat. It's a cut-down service coat, by the way. Unnamed.
  3. OK, here's some more - the one on the far left unfortunately has no provenance. The band is well-worn and I wonder if it came back from Vietnam. The 75th Infantry DI is pushed through the stiffener without clutches (not enough sticking through to grab). Second one is G/143rd Infantry (Ranger), TXNG, from the 80s. Third and fourth are typical Ranger Department berets; the lieutenant's Bancroft is named to a VN veteran.
  4. Don't know what the deal is, with this one; could be humped up, or perhaps it's a yet-unidentified unit.
  5. Disregard - I had mis-read that. Blue is indeed above, as shown in the link. Also, I wanted to post this flash from another site - it was listed in the "unknown" category:
  6. Here are some 101st blue berets; maybe a couple units haven't been shown yet. 501st Signal Bn., and 101st Aviation Bde. 1/503rd Inf., 3/187th Inf., and 425th S&S Bn. Apologies for the large pics...
  7. Here's a few more of my armor berets... Left is a typical 11th ACR with jump oval used as flash; second is unknown as it's a common flash; third and fourth are unknown but I suspect that one or both may be from the 1st Cav Div. I also am not sure how they wore them, i.e., with the flash on the side or over the left eye.
  8. I was just saying that someone who was there said (IIRC) that everyone, including the Charlie Airborne companies initially wore OD. Also remember that photo of then-LTC Schwarzkopf wearing an OD beret even though he was on jump status.
  9. Got a new camera...Anyway - this is right as rain. I'm satisfied it's not humped up.
  10. Here's another couple; on left is the 24th ID's LRRP company from the '60s. It's "right as rain". The 11th ACR has a German-made plastic flash, which is the insert for the encapsulated variety. That's why I asked if cavcon had a yellow/red one, because those do exist. Someone familiar with them said they merely yellowed with age, but that's not the case with this one, so I'm wondering if the yellow and red 11th ACR encapsulated flashes actually were made that way.
  11. IIRC the Charlie companies originally wore OD before switching to maroon.
  12. Speaking of Alaska - maroon beret is the 4th of the 9th CSM. Evidently the different battalion CSM's were on jump status (as related in an earlier post in this thread).
  13. Cavcon - regarding the ACR beret (I'm guessing 11th ACR) with the plastic-encapsulated flash: is the flash red and white, or red and yellow?
  14. Whoa - hole up. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout... That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!!
  15. It's on the left in this pic (2d ACR with leatherette flash).
  16. I got a new camera (which is ultra-complicated to use). Anyway, look what's in my closet!
  17. Yes - I have several BDU's where that has happened. It's also not unheard of for pocket flaps to be sewn shut for a sharper appearance, but I don't know what the deal is with the pocket patches.
  18. Currently reading "Orchids in the Mud, Personal Accounts by Veterans of the One Hundred Thirty-Second Infantry", edited Richard C. Muehrcke, about the 132d Infantry's time on Guadalcanal, Bougainville, and in the Philippines. Although it came out in 1985 it is very similar in style to an immediate postwar unit history. As it's described as comprising "personal accounts", I was led to believe it was more of an oral history, which it is not. The book is organized chronologically but in a somewhat disjointed manner as the editor relates things that people said and weaves anecdotes among t
  19. Thanks for the info. It's interesting that he also has wings, as the 207th had a Mohawk unit.
  20. Yeah the Indian head is a DI however the other badges are similar in style to the old "Trojan Horse" badges that SF wore on their berets.
  21. Thanks for takin' the time to throw these up here. Do you recall seeing any of those badges with clutch backs? I'm asking because there are what appear to be four clutchback-type holes in the beret stiffener, in a sort of symmetrical pattern larger than that of a DUI...so it must have sported a badge at one time.
  22. Thanks for that. How rare is an original, do you think? This particular one is on a beret. I'm wondering if that's the original intent for these patches, since they're so small.
  23. I'd like to know if anyone knows which unit this represents; I've seen it identified as the 24th Infantry Division LRRP platoon from their time in Germany. I don't know...
  24. Wait a minute - they have him as a volunteer and a conscientious objector at the same time?
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