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  1. Evidently the 1st AD patch is for Bosnia, according to the net. I wrongly guessed it was Desert Storm (coat's dated 97).
  2. OK, I found the original thread I'd once apparently made on another forum. http://wehrmacht-awards.com/FORUMS/showthread.php?t=241939 There's some interesting info on what guys wore and/or observed when they were in.
  3. Yes he had been in the 27th in Hawaii and evidently officers used to be allowed to do this - i.e., wear regimental insignia from a prior assignment. I think there was a thread on it somewhere.
  4. I've had this coat for a few years; it's interesting because the branch insignia is for the 27th Infantry but the SSI is the South Dakota National Guard. When I asked the veteran in question about this, he simply stated "once a Wolfhound, always a Wolfhound". As I understand it, this type of thing used to be allowed, but I can't recall if as just locally authorized, or what.
  5. Good stuff! How did I miss this thread? I have to check in here more often.
  6. This is pretty obscure; it's members of the 24th Inf Div LRRP unit in Germany circa 1960-61:
  7. The darker blue oval discussed in the link is different than the one on the guy in your photo; I'm certain that the one in the photo was for the Airborne Dept at Ft Benning. I guess they would wear the Training Centers DUI?
  8. This is an online piece that was written by a veteran's son about his father's short stint in Korea at the very end of the war as part of a top secret unit that was to test battlefield radar (then in its infancy), in combat. Attached to an ROK division, they then were embroiled in a valiant, last-stand apocalyptic fight for Hill 433 during the last Chinese offensive. Interesting story, and I'm inclined to believe it's true. The reality was that a modified TPS-3 type radar tracking system was tested in combat in Korea, and was almost lost to the enemy one full decade before its public app
  9. I posted these before, but anyway the first one is what we're discussing, and the second one I'm going to presume is from a NG armored division or maybe a brigade. I wonder if the "US Cavalry" company sold these berets with flashes and branch insignia already attached(?)
  10. Good stuff; I think it's safe to say (according to the photos and recollections in the thread) that the berets with crossed swords on the flashes were primarily used by reconnaissance and scout units of the NG, in the 80s. Do you have any info as to how or where those were obtained? The one I have, has the ''US Cavalry'' company's label.
  11. Whoa, I just realized this is post-1980. vonmoen - in the color photo above, does the guy on the left have crossed sabers on his flash?
  12. That's what I thought; then I saw this: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/702491241845145811/ but I guess it's just an ordinary decorative pin, i.e., not a DUI.
  13. It looks like he's wearing Armor Center DUIs; if so, would that indicate headquarters?
  14. I'm thinking that they're wearing ROK SF berets, wearing allies' headgear for a photo as is sometimes done. http://galleryplus.ebayimg.com/ws/web/191921852177_1_0_1.jpg https://1.bp.blogspot.com/_glRXfARnmAs/R8eA7BsOgTI/AAAAAAAAABs/_NqVzD5erO0/s400/SNV80830.JPG
  15. OK, I found an example here. I guess I'm wondering about the rarity of it. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=285898
  16. I saw a subdued patch on a field jacket at a swap meet today; it read "Distinguished Mechanized Infantry Squad" although it was sewn upside-down. There was some sort armored vehicle on the patch. Anyone ever see one of these?
  17. OK for the record that beret I posted a couple posts back (post #304) is not as stated. It's a beret from the TX State Guard.
  18. The beret flash is for what appears to be Special Operations Command, Pacific, authorized shortly after the unit was stood up...But my reference shows three types, which are either with black border or yellow border (the authorized one), and all examples have a black border separating the colors, forming a "T". As you can see, mine has no "T" and it has a blue border. I'm guessing that this is an early type not shown in the book. Anyone know?
  19. Special Operations Command, Pacific is the beret flash. This flash is not exactly the same as the examples depicted in the reference book I have, which both have a black border dividing the colors, in a 'T' shape. Could be a very early style, when the unit was stood up in 1983, or perhaps from before then, from the unit's earlier incarnation? There's very little info about the history of that command. I'm guessing the guy was a Ranger(?).
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