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  1. Looks the same to me. I don't know what else it could be, since McKinney is wearing an Infantry School SSI with airborne tab.
  2. It's here, top center (and top left): http://www.military-insignia.us/Pages/SpecOpsInsignia/ParachuteWingOvals/Ovals-Misc.html
  3. This (I think) is for the USAF's 9th Reconnaissance Wing. It's not a pocket patch, however; it's on the left sleeve. The other patches have been removed. Anyone ever see this one?
  4. Yes that is the Airborne Department, US Army Infantry School oval.
  5. I'm reading a book by a man who served in a mortar platoon in the 91st Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron in WWII and he stated that they were not eligible for the CIB, even though they often were used as infantry.
  6. This one isn't mine, but thought I'd post it. Note 3rd AD SSI on sleeve:
  7. I just received this book about the highly-decorated recon company of Command and Control Central. It came out in September 2018. It's a good one, packed with info.
  8. That's a different unit and lineage I believe.
  9. Here's another one of these flashes with swords that were used by reserve units. 1/193rd Cavalry? Can't find anything about them online.
  10. Yeah I'm glad to hear that, about the stars.
  11. I had this listed for ten days on everybody's favorite auction site, starting at ninety-nine with free shipping and...it ended without even one bid. I cannot believe this.
  12. The one that I posted, the aircrew one with the basic training-type tapes, is post-Desert Storm. Dunno if that means much.
  13. I saved this photo for reference; ever see this type? They're the commonly-seen nylon tapes, but inked with a stencil:
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