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  1. I just wanted to share this for those of you out there. If you are looking for information on items that Rock Island Arsenal produced throughout its history you can contact the present day Arsenal to request specific information. You can request information on your rifle by serial number however specific information is extremely limited. Just recently a huge number of original technical drawings have become available as well. These include a lot of M1910 equipment, most if not all 1903 rifle drawings, M1917 US Enfield drawings and many more. Its free but you have to request information through one of two sources listed below. contact@arsenalhistoricalsociety.org usarmy.ria.asc.list.history@mail.mil
  2. I have had this patch for years, half halfheartedly trying to identify it. Does anyone have any idea? Any better ideas? Thank you for your help!
  3. Ok, well that just confirmed my thoughts. Thank you!
  4. Hello guys, I am cautious on this one as I would really like to purchase it but I do not know the owner. What do you guys think on the painted insignia? From original pictures that I have seen it looks like the style that was commonly seen in Italy for the 91st but I am curious to know your thoughts. Its not ID'd in anyway. Thank you, Kevin
  5. Dwayne, Could you please call the store at 707-763-2220. They have been trying to reach out to you but have not been able to connect with you. Thanks, Kevin
  6. Dwayne, Thank you for your question. I do not currently have access to the footlocker or I would answer your question. If possible please email the store at warguys@sonic.net or call at 707-763-2220 and they would be more than happy to answer your questions. Thank you for your interest.
  7. Just a gentle reminder that we are still having our 50% sale through 31 December 2019. The code remains the same 2019fifty so please come check out what we have. www.militaryantiquesmuseum.com
  8. I am sorry the website is www.militaryantiquesmuseum.com
  9. Military Antiques and Museum has a surprise for you this month. Kevin and Jason are working with other local militaria collectors and enthusiasts to change how we operate our retail space. For now, the Museum will remain the same, all of the changes will be to the store portion. The work we will be doing is just short of a remodel, and it has taken lots of planning and effort to get to this stage, and will require a lot of time and effort in the next few months to accomplish. There is a way you can help us with this remodel and you can benefit from the changes we are making. For all of the moving around and re-working we will be doing, we would rather not move as much of our retail inventory as we have right now, and by move, we don't just mean to box it up and bring it back later, we want to sell it. The more we sell, the easier we can make the changes to Military Antiques & Museum that will only add to what we have today. To that end, we are offering a huge store-wide sale. Everything in our retail store and everything on our website will be 50% beginning Friday, November 15th and going to December 31st, 2019. That's right, 50% off! Everything! In order to get this discount you have to use the coupon code 2019fifty at checkout to automatically get 50% off the retail price of your order. Also do not get us wrong we are NOT closing/ moving or will not be available during this time. The store will remain open we just want to reduce inventory while we are making changes. *No discount on Shipping, no further discounts, orders must be paid within 48 hours or will be subject to cancellation, other exclusions may apply.
  10. So I know most of these are militaria events listed in this forum but I thought maybe some of you might be interested in this if you are in the area. The Rock Island Arsenal Museum will be holding brown bag lunch presentations the first Monday of every month from 1200-1300. The topics vary from local to National to event anniversaries. For more details on the specific talks you can check out the Rock Island Arsenal Museum Facebook page or I will try to update as they are posted. The 4 November brown bag lunch will discuss the history of First Army from 1918 to today with a focus on WWI and WWII. It is free to attend and only requires entrance to the Arsenal through the Moline gate visitor center. If you have any questions please feel free to message me.
  11. ADMINS PLEASE DELETE. This is an outdated post. 30 SEP 2019
  12. We would like to extend an offer to US Militaria Forum members for 35% off everything in the store. The fall sale will start on 24 September and will extend until midnight (PST) on 31 December 2019. For those of you not in the area to visit you can shop using our website coupon code 2019USMilitaria35 ​ The only exclusion are special consignment items and items already on sale. These consignment items are noted by two letters at the end of the product code. Example ABC-1234-KB We appreciate all of your business and we hope that you might find something you can't live without in our store. If you have any questions please send us an email at warguys@sonic.net or call 707-763-2220. Please visit our website at www.militaryantiquesmuseum.com Respectfully, Kevin
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