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  1. How can you tell a WWI Guidon to a WWII Guidon? I have never really seen anyway to differentiate between the two. The regiment itself existed in WWI and WWII the same so the unit history can not tell if this is WWI or WWII. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Herman, That's great than you! You definitely have eagle eyes! Thank you! I was hoping I was wrong and the building was still there. Kevin
  3. So I visited Trois Pont a number of years ago and had a friend show me specific places relevant to the battle. One was where the 51st Engineers made a stand with a 57mm gun outside Trois Pont. When we were there he showed me the spot where this supposedly happened. I took pictures of the building next to where the gun had stood. Either way I know the house is near Trois Ponts (below) as there is a sign in the background. I can not find it on google maps. Is anyone familiar where this building is? Is it still standing? Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
  4. How about $90 inclusive of all fees and shipping?

  5. Hello. Would you take $100 including shipping to AZ for the Arisaka bayonet?

  6. So this is an odd question. I am trying to find a high resolution copy of the attached image. It has a Signal Corps number but I can not cross reference it in the NARA photo files. Can anyone assist me in finding a high resolution copy of this image? It is General Pershing awarding medals to Soldiers in the 36th ID. There is both film and still images of this shot. I am mainly looking for the still image. The Signal Corps image number is 157305 or 152305. I would really appreciate the help.
  7. I just wanted to share this for those of you out there. If you are looking for information on items that Rock Island Arsenal produced throughout its history you can contact the present day Arsenal to request specific information. You can request information on your rifle by serial number however specific information is extremely limited. Just recently a huge number of original technical drawings have become available as well. These include a lot of M1910 equipment, most if not all 1903 rifle drawings, M1917 US Enfield drawings and many more. Its free but you have to request in
  8. I have had this patch for years, half halfheartedly trying to identify it. Does anyone have any idea? Any better ideas? Thank you for your help!
  9. Ok, well that just confirmed my thoughts. Thank you!
  10. Hello guys, I am cautious on this one as I would really like to purchase it but I do not know the owner. What do you guys think on the painted insignia? From original pictures that I have seen it looks like the style that was commonly seen in Italy for the 91st but I am curious to know your thoughts. Its not ID'd in anyway. Thank you, Kevin
  11. Dwayne, Could you please call the store at 707-763-2220. They have been trying to reach out to you but have not been able to connect with you. Thanks, Kevin
  12. Dwayne, Thank you for your question. I do not currently have access to the footlocker or I would answer your question. If possible please email the store at warguys@sonic.net or call at 707-763-2220 and they would be more than happy to answer your questions. Thank you for your interest.
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