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  1. Hello Paul, Thanks a lot. I'll try there. Best regards, Bram
  2. Hello, As a new member, I want to start with the following question. A few years ago, I received a M-3 trench knife that was believed to have been left behind by a pilot that escaped his crashed airplane (whether by parachute or after a crash landing). The pilot was probably helped by farmers in our village. However, I never heard anything about it besides from the older man that gave me the knife. I believe the knife could be dated end of 1943 of 1944 (the guard is maker marked Camillus, scabbard is an USM8 with marking B 2/1 N). So does anybody have an idea of crashed airplanes in th
  3. Hi all, I collect mainly Belgian militaria of both WWI and WWII, but I want to learn more about the US units that deliberated our region, i.e. the 113th Cavalry Reconnaissance Group. Our village was first hit by the 125th Cav Recon Sq on September 6th, 1944. I'll be posting some questions. Thanks for reading and for all the help. Bram
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