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  1. Chris, The effort you've put into your world war one weekly wing posts has really been amazing. I've suggested that the forum admin make a pinned thread with all of the weeks in one spot so we can more easily find them. My only suggestion if they do make a pinned thread would be to add the name of the wing discussed as you do so instead of the heading being "world war one weekly wing #38" it would instead be "world war one weekly wing #38 Paye and Baker. On the unknown wings simply put "world war one weekly wing #-- unknown". It would help with researching in the future instead of having
  2. I like these too and think they have original finish which is rare. Several years ago there was a seller in Britain who was selling a few NOS british made wings and these have the same type of finish that those did. They actually might even be the same wings.
  3. So...did any of the wingdings win the BB&B wing? Ww1 Captain who served through ww2. I'm guessing a medals or ww1 aero collector won it all?
  4. Thanks guys glad you enjoyed the thread. This is one of my favorite wings I've ever acquired. Another forum member has an interwar wing which once belonged to Haynes with the exact same type of initials scratched into the reverse of the shield. That example is on Bob's website. Here is the back of the Chilean wing Tod.
  5. I'd like to present the CBI made Command Pilot wing of Major General Caleb Vance Haynes, "A Pilot's Pilot". Born March 15, 1895 in Dobson NC, Caleb Haynes would become one of the greatest aviators in history. His service history is truly amazing, from serving in France in ww1 as a test pilot and instructor, as an aide to President Woodrow Wilson during the Paris Peace Conference, then his interwar service which was most impressive. One need only look at his accomplishments to realize what a truly brilliant man General Haynes was, graduating from Wake Forest College in 1917 with a
  6. I'm looking for the Purple Heart awarded to Nonnious L Avery 121st Regiment and the Purple Heart awarded to Michael C. Montuori 306th Inf Reg.
  7. I have had two examples of this style wing in groupings. My assumption is that it's a graduation type pattern from between 1938 to 1941. Mel, I'm sure you recall the Charles W. Stark grouping, that has one of these wings included and he graduated in 1938 if I recall correctly. If I didn't have a couple of these I'd definitely snag it under $200 but my concern with the wing on ebay is that the catch is so far forward like a roller catch when it should only go a fraction of that distance like a "tiffany style" or "yes Chris, BLANCARD" catch lol. You can see the channel where the lock
  8. Hi, Mike! Saw you were online and thought I'd drop a quick hi! How are you doing? Hanging in there during all of this? Picked up any cool stuff lately? 



  9. Hi, I'm looking for MOLLUS Military Order of the Loyal Legion medal # 2398 to complete a grouping. Please let me know if you have it and if you'd be willing to sell the medal. I'm building a display and would really like to include it. Thanks
  10. Very rare wing! I've only seen one other that sold on ebay a few weeks ago for BIN $99.
  11. It's one of the early oyster types that Hans Wilsdorf was selling to POWs. Not sure of reference number (paperwork says ref 5944} but Lt. Bru received his in Nov 1944. They're selling the watch and a lot of his POW items including his pow dogtag, pow mail, pow ID, etc. The dial on the watch is rough. The seller doesn't understand that reference is more important than history with watches, they see a perfect chronograph pow watch sold for a lot in 2015 so think theirs is worth a fortune. I like it but think my offer would be insulting to them so didn't bother.
  12. Neat stuff. There was an interesting article about his brother singlehandedly going to liberate him from the POW camp, if I recall he was afraid the POWs were about to be executed with the germans losing the war. There is also a Rolex given to him but again the sellers price is WWAAAYYY out there.
  13. 1. Josten 2. Juarez 3. unmarked but possibly norsid? 4. smilo 5. dodge 6. blackinton 7. amico 8. luxenberg 9. bell 10. horizontal sterling unknown 11. lgb 12. meyer 13. snowflake back unknown (amcraft?) 14. acid test sterling 15. norsid 16. unknown 17. josten 18. sterling unknown. 19. snowflake unknown 20. gemsco? 21. orber pattern but marked only sterling or perhaps black backed? 22. sterling unknown 23. h&h
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