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  1. If you see the lower METHODIST theres no dirt in it anymore i removed that a while back because I was curious if it were original and it looks like the metal where the letters are stamped look way darker. Is that like the guy told because the tag was once polished and they didnt polish the ASN part or did they put some kind of acid on it ?
  2. Ive had this dog tag for some time someone bought it for me the guy told him this dog tag is the real deal even tho he gave him a clear fake one as well so ive never considered it to be real. Posted it in a facebook group and apparantely some guy that has been to vietnam says its too hard to fake that oxidation and dirt to be stuck in the letters. My feeling says everything can be faked and a small item like a dog tag is a piece of cake if you know how to use your stuff. Id like to get your opinion since the guy made me curious to maybe start a research for the guy. Id like to hear whats good
  3. I dont know and what kinda document it is but the reason it lights up a little bit is because of what I said ealier. On the left you have 2 documents covering eachother which causes no lighting from the A4 to go through. Right document is only 1 paper and appears to be a little lighten up by the A4 paper thats laying partly under the right document. Try it under the light without the a4 underneath. To me I see no reason for it to be fake.
  4. Seems the glow from the middle paper causes to let it look like the right one glows as well and the left doesnt show glow because theres a double paper over it. Nothing wrong with it.
  5. Yes the hole really is a weird thing that is nowhere to be seen on originals and only on repros. Wear looks normal yes but I see no wear scratches like on the original tags. My guess is since the seller told me he got it from the faily that they replicated his set and that either the family or veteran wore it some time which causes to give a worn look. Id like to hear more opinions from dog tag collectors
  6. This is the 82nd tag closeup hole. Dont you think it looks similar and the kind of metal also looks the same as the repro one. Also the metal in that closeup doesnt really look heavily used like the original ill add the second picture again from a original tag and fake tag hole next to eachother.
  7. Saw this recently a faked normandy dog tag from a KIA soldier. You see that dented hole looks the same ? The original tags seem to have a flat hole.
  8. Ageing a dog tag isnt hard at all. It also could be a 10/20 year old tag set worn by family members or the soldier himself. If you leave a tag set in a moistured place it will start to look like that as well. Its a 82nd airborne DDAY dog tag. To me the dog tag hole doesnt look rolled and looks like it just sticks out and the dented hole gives me a replica vibe.
  9. I thought that a dented/dimple looking hole was a repro. Also considering the fresh scratches around the hole these look like the kind of scratches you see on repro tags. Look here a repro tag with my name on it next to an original.
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