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  1. Here another KIA tag I added to the collection. He was a TSGT and served in the 5th Division, 10th Regiment. He landed on Utah beach on July 7, 1944. He fought its way through Normandy and got KIA 29 July, 1944 by an Artillery shell.
  2. So I thought I bought a 30th Division dog tag until I realized the 18th infantry regiment isnt the 30th division and probably is an error in the newspaper. Turned out the guy is a 1st ID, 18th Regiment, Company A guy. He came from Arkansas and had a twinbrother. He landed on DDAY H-Hour +210 minutes at the easy red sector and later on was awarded a bronze star for heroic actions on 15 June, 1944. He was KIA later on during the battle of Marigny on 27 July, 1944 which was part of 'Operation Cobra'. It is possible he participated in other battles before DDAY ( North Africa, Italy ) but for now t
  3. Goodday Here another WWII dog tag found on the so called ' ghost ridge ' of a 2nd division, 38th regiment soldier. The tag still has a piece of the chain in the hole if I see it correctly. He was killed on June 22, 1944 in the Normandy region. Not much is known about him but if somebody can find information about him it is always welcome.
  4. Goodday guys, This is one of my nicest items in the collection. This relic was found on the also called 'ghost ridge'. Eddie M Roy served in the 2nd Infantry Division,9th Regiment. He landed on Omaha beach DDAY +1 ( 7 June 1944 ) and possibly saw fractions if the horror that went on the day before. He fought its way through Normandy and was KIA on June 17, 1944. For his actions on this day he was awarded a silver star medal. I still have to find his citation and picture but hopefully it will turn up some day.
  5. I see why you're concerned. It looks almost new but i see little pitting as well. I havent seen anybody pressin WWII USMC/USN tags with the right letters or machine yet so id give this a chance. Maybe it was cleaned up or polished causing it to shine like that ?
  6. Yes but problem with your tag is he isnt in the records i think his file was in the 70's archive fire. But I checked the 2nd digit from his ASN which tells the area he came from and number 7 is the right number. I also have a dog tag of a guy with very uncommon name that went MIA in Korea as 1st lieutenant so the ASNs were different as well but the place matched and the fact you have an uncommon name makes it a 100% match. Very nice item
  7. It is possible and I checked and theyre indeed both from the same place so id say this is a 99% hit. I also checked in the enlistment records and his last name is pretty uncommon as well ( only 7 people including his brother ) I have a dog tag set of a 1st ranger that got killed in action with the FSSF during the Southern France invasion bought from an estate sale years ago. Probably also his early set so I think you really have a high chance.
  8. Looks OK I guess. What era does this patch come from ? Looks 50/60's to me.
  9. Here a set i recently received. From a italian american soldier that was WIA in may 1945. I have no idea what unit he served in or what type of branch but if someone can find more information i would love to hear.
  10. If you see the lower METHODIST theres no dirt in it anymore i removed that a while back because I was curious if it were original and it looks like the metal where the letters are stamped look way darker. Is that like the guy told because the tag was once polished and they didnt polish the ASN part or did they put some kind of acid on it ?
  11. Ive had this dog tag for some time someone bought it for me the guy told him this dog tag is the real deal even tho he gave him a clear fake one as well so ive never considered it to be real. Posted it in a facebook group and apparantely some guy that has been to vietnam says its too hard to fake that oxidation and dirt to be stuck in the letters. My feeling says everything can be faked and a small item like a dog tag is a piece of cake if you know how to use your stuff. Id like to get your opinion since the guy made me curious to maybe start a research for the guy. Id like to hear whats good
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