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  1. Great find. I envy you for getting that one. Mac
  2. No problem, Rob. I'm pretty sure it's the same. If you look close you can see that the sights are clamped on with a bolt. I think that yours is just missing those clamped on sights and also the rubber eye piece. From what I've seen on ebay, the eye piece seems to be missing the majority of the time. Mac
  3. Hi Rob, Thanks for taking the time to post photos of the bomb sight. I believe that that model of bomb sight was also used in the TBD Devastator. Mac
  4. By the looks of the before and after photo, it looks like you've been putting her to work. Mac
  5. Glad I could help. Can you include a photo of the bomb sight if you get the chance? Mac
  6. I'm pretty sure that the bomb release was used on the Douglas SBD Dauntless. HTH, Mac
  7. No problem, Hink and Owen. Owen, PM headed your way with accident report attached. Mac
  8. Hink, VT-29 was onboard the Cabot, CVL-28. They participated in strikes on the Philippines, Formosa, Hong Kong, Chichi Jima, Okinawa, Honshu and Kyushu Japan. They also participated in strikes on Kure Harbor and on the Yamato.
  9. Howard H. Skidmore was a Lt(jg) flying TBM Avengers with VT-29 during Aug 44. Mac
  10. A quick check of Joe Baugher's site shows that BuNo 43965 was an SNJ-5. Mac
  11. If SSgt Ellsworth was in after Sep 47 it should read USAF and not USAAF. Also, the current AF abbreviation is SSgt, I'm not sure when it changed from S/Sgt. Not sure if that occurred when it separated from the Army in '47 or at a later date. Maybe somebody else can chip in with that info. The concept looks good. Mac
  12. Christopher, Thank you for very much for sharing those albums with us. I have a feeling I'm going spend quite a bit of time going through them. Thanks again, Mac
  13. Hughes was a TBM Avenger pilot with VT-81 flying off the Wasp in Jan 45. The plane in the photo of him in the cockpit is an Avenger. Mac
  14. I question why it has "Sq." in front of VF-3. I don't ever recall seeing it written that way in any of the period documents I've seen. Fighting Squadron Three or VF-3 would be the norm. But Sq. VF-3??? Mac
  15. VB-2 was aboard Hornet (CV-12) Mar - Sep 44 flying SB2C Helldivers. Mac
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