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  1. A quick check of Joe Baugher's site shows that BuNo 43965 was an SNJ-5. Mac
  2. If SSgt Ellsworth was in after Sep 47 it should read USAF and not USAAF. Also, the current AF abbreviation is SSgt, I'm not sure when it changed from S/Sgt. Not sure if that occurred when it separated from the Army in '47 or at a later date. Maybe somebody else can chip in with that info. The concept looks good. Mac
  3. Christopher, Thank you for very much for sharing those albums with us. I have a feeling I'm going spend quite a bit of time going through them. Thanks again, Mac
  4. Hughes was a TBM Avenger pilot with VT-81 flying off the Wasp in Jan 45. The plane in the photo of him in the cockpit is an Avenger. Mac
  5. I question why it has "Sq." in front of VF-3. I don't ever recall seeing it written that way in any of the period documents I've seen. Fighting Squadron Three or VF-3 would be the norm. But Sq. VF-3??? Mac
  6. VB-2 was aboard Hornet (CV-12) Mar - Sep 44 flying SB2C Helldivers. Mac
  7. Who's in the back? Richard Nixon and Donald Duck? Mac
  8. Balfour. https://www.balfour.com/shop/jewelry
  9. I was looking for info on F4U-1 BuNo 02449 & wondering if anybody here had a logbook that mentioned that plane. She is being restored by Vultures Row Aviation in CA. The history below was sent to me by the owner Chuck Wahl. Date of Manufacture 3/10/43. BuAer 02449. Const#297 (the 297th corsair built), Vought MFG No 3079. 02449 started its SoPac tour arriving in the South Pacific on May 5 1943. For May and June 02449 was a probable VMF-112 Guadalcanal aircraft (history card indicates MAG11). Then in late June to early July 02449 was acquired by the Swashbucklers (VMF-214 prior to Boyington) to train in the "New" Corsair and was with Swashbucklers in July Aug 1943 (under MAG11) until they officially became VMF-214 "BlackSheep" with Boyington as the CO on Sept 7, 1943 and was at Fighter strip 1, turtle bay, Espiritu Santo until it's crash Oct 1 1943. The accident report that I have, has the plane with VMF-212 at the time of the crash or at least the pilot, 1st Lt. Preston Peter Wolfe, Jr., was with 212. If anyone has a logbook for these squadrons or any other Marine squadrons deployed to the Solomons area during those dates, I would appreciate it if you could take the time to see if BuNo 02449 is mentioned. Chuck does first class work in his restorations (SBD, SB2C) for his customers, but this one is his own personal project and he's trying to get as much history on her as possible. Thanks, Mac
  10. I can just imagine the reaction when they were told: A. We are now making shorts an issue item. B. You have to wear your shorts during today's ceremony. I know what my reaction would have been. Mac
  11. If it went to a museum it would probably be placed in their archives and may only ever be seen by a couple of people. You could try to get in contact with his family and see what they would like to do with it. Or, try to get it printed so it is available to the general public and donate any profits to a veterans organization. Mac
  12. Now that's an original idea. Can't wait to see your progress. Mac
  13. pararaftaner2, Thanks for the reply. I figured that they would be static. Mac
  14. pararaftaner2, That's the first I've heard about any full sized replicas of TBDs being built for anything. Do you have any further details that you can share? Thanks, Mac
  15. I dunno. It looks like a diving bird to me. I think that still more research should be done with Navy & Marine squadrons. Mac
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