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  1. Hey Guys, I have not seen any information on these boots .What are they going for these days ?
  2. Nice looking tanker helmet collection ya got there Yancy !
  3. Hey Nick, Thanks for the quick reply !
  4. Hey Guys, I'm planning on selling these and want to know the price range for them. The camo pants have a compartment that takes up the whole seat area . Thanks for any an dall help !
  5. Here is a Camo Engineer I just got in Saturday.
  6. Great helmets guys !!!!!!!!! Here is a 1st Div. helmet .
  7. Okay...Im way in over my head on this post...In one of the bags,there were some belts. One looks to be a USN civil war belt, it matches the one in my book, its named, and has US? Boston 1863 stenceled on it and a pouch..the pouch has seen better days but it still looks nice. Anyone have any info in this area? Hey Mike, PM Ray G about the Civil War stuff.........
  8. Photo 2: Some pictures from the towns of Naples and Pogguoli(?). One photo captioned, "The Railroad Station building in Poggulio" is interesting because some one graffitied some thing in Italian with a sickle and hammer. Anyone of our Italian members care to translate? (Close-up of the photo is in next post.) W le forze alleate W the ally forces......
  9. Officers record book with picture of John A. Ducournau Casino de Paris program book. Ticket for the Tramways eletriques de brest. Casino de Paris Orchestre ticket. Automatic pistol,Caliber 45. Defensive meeasures Gas attacks,Rand Nally Western battle Front Map. Signal book for Co.3,Popular sond books . Post cards and pictures....
  10. Here is a 2nd Division helmet I picked up , not the best ,but I like it. Next up a 36th Div. helmet I bought from forum member Bugme.
  11. Johnny S

    WWI Tunics

    19th Div. tunic # 3. 33rd Division tunic. Railhead tunic ..Quartermasters Corps.
  12. Johnny S

    WWI Tunics

    Here are some more tunics I picked up these last few weeks.... A 1st Div.This guy was a runner . 19th Division tunic, one of three variation patches I have. 19th Div tunic # 2 this is a nice early tunic.
  13. Thanks for the comments guys ! It was a great show even though I didn't sell a damn thing..... Always worth the trip to go ! Brig and other forum members sorry I missed you guys !
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