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  1. Dave looking forward to April ,Im still in for a signed copy ! Great Job.
  2. Thanks , I just thought it was odd with the reflective quality and the size. I appreciate the help Dan
  3. Hello everyone. This patch came in a navy pilot photo album that I have picked up and I'm just trying to confirm what it is. I have looked on the Navy squadron patch website and it is similar to vp-81 It appears to be silk and the white has a reflective quality to it. It does not glow under black light. It measures 2" high and 2 1/2" long Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dan
  4. Hello everyone Thanks to Stratus fan we now have a face with the name. Thanks Dan
  5. Outstanding ! Fair winds and following seas !
  6. Thanks, They were both on the USS Rowan Sunk by a german E Boat 9-11-43 They appear to be engraved by the same hand as well. Dan
  7. Hello, Thanks to Scofield1943 these shipmates are reunited. I have posted the one on the left . I have been on a ETO run as of late and very honored to find shipmates. If anyone has their good conduct medals I would be interested. Thanks Dan
  8. Thanks Charlie, The help and info i will add the book to my library ! Regards Dan
  9. Hi Charlie, Sorry, Yes the serial number is 982250. Is there a book out specifically about the Victory model ? I'm becoming a fan of these pistols . Thanks Dan
  10. Thanks Charlie, I have been reading on the forum and the internet and just wanted to confirm what I have learned. I know the piece was in police custody at one point in its life and I think the holster was added for a display. The ammo slide is made of what feels like sail canvas and looks like it has been with the holster awhile. The lanyard and swivel I thought was bad. Am i right in thinking that this one has not had the hammer safety done because there is no S stamped on the frame ? Thanks Dagda ! Dan
  11. Hello everyone, I just picked this up and wanted to share and ask for opinions and maybe a date on this pistol ? serial number 982xxx on butt electric pencil on frame 7243 frame stamped 25353 L crane 25353 cylinder matches butt grips un marked frame marked L other side marked F5 ,G,DS, E5 It came with the lanyard ( don't think its real rope is nylon ) clip is stamped USA 18 Holster is a USN boyt 43 with rigger ammo belt. ( dont think it was with the gun originally ) Thanks Dan
  12. No worries if you google swagger stick it can explain it better. But it came from the British and was adopted by officers of the US military. Mainly as a going on liberty piece to show you had swagger and were somebody ! so when you went out on the town you had swagger : ) The Marines carried them it is very rare to find a Navy Aviation one. The only reference I have found to Navy pilots from WW I carrying them is in The First Yale Unit book. But I can not confirm it was carried by one of them : ( Dan
  13. Hello Everyone, I just picked this up today and figured I would share. WW I Naval Aviators swagger stick it is not identified but the work is very well done. I have never seen one before and this came from another aviation collectors daughter. opinions are always welcomed. Regards Dan
  14. Stratasfan is the best and does Outstanding work !!! What you have is a cruise booklet made up at the end of the war for the crew and it is original The veterans did make a reproduction but it is a smaller size and contain's family provided info and photos The other is a Christmas menu for the crew on board from 1943 The other item is a mystery it would help if it was next to something for relation ship to size and what its made of. My uncle served on the USS Pelias during WW II . Disney did amazing artwork during the war ! And is a collection unto its own !!! I have found poly on patches and crossing the equator certificates and hand painted on plaques I also have her tattooed in honor of my uncle !! I keep all of my items like that in acid free sleeves and stored flat. What was your Grandfathers Rate ? Regards dan
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