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  1. These groupings make me want to start collecting uniforms!
  2. Elrod is a Marine legend. Very cool.
  3. Wow!! Nice grouping, and the story to go along with it.
  4. That is incredible! Thanks for sharing!!
  5. Very nice 187th photo. They looked so sharp in these uniforms.
  6. A similar shape device was used on the UN ribbon to denote participation in the combat jumps.
  7. Could be legit. I would need more proof to purchase.
  8. Great looking pack. Always like the camo jobs. Was always curious why all the trouble while wearing P41's.
  9. Very cool collection. I like the patches on the forgskin fabric. Might have to replicate.
  10. I sure wish I could get my hands on a set of these.
  11. Very cool. Kinda crude Korea and 187th writing.
  12. Very nice grouping. Any info on the vet?
  13. The blue/white with red dagger is 187th Airborne Korean era. Would love to find one!
  14. Reviving this topic. Just picked up a 187th DI. Need to find another!!
  15. My Uncle was HQ Co, 2nd Bn but missed the jumps. Came in later.
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