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  1. It's only overpriced if no one buys it. If someone pulls the trigger, then it is the correct price and often can set the market. As one old collector told me once, "The last time I looked, they haven't made these things in 70 some odd years". Time will tell.
  2. That is all well and good until you are the poor bastard sitting out there on the side of the hill all by yourself in a hot nasty place with nothing but a LPU around your neck to keep you company. I think we have gotten into a mentality that the NATGEO Pedro guys will be landing right beside you once you get your chute rolled up and thus a vest is no longer necessary, but being a helo guy, I can tell you that there are a lot of reasons that you may not be picked up real soon and being literally naked as a baby and full of fear is not where you want to be when there are guys wanting to kill
  3. I have been to the museum and they tended to lump likes together. Such as the M1 Carbines, the 10th mountain stuff, ect. The last time I was down there, it had been hit by the tornado, so it wasn't open. I am going to Branson this weekend and plan on stopping by to see what has become and is left of this museum. I will drop a SITREP when I get back.
  4. Tom, you are a genius, that is it! They are preparing the real pilots to be drone pilots! The LPU is actually to help prevent whiplash when they doze off.
  5. That is just pure genius, I can't believe that the Air Force is the only one that thought of this! I'm hopeful that before we deploy, maybe we can ditch our vest and armor. Maybe soon thereafter, we can come up with a lighter helmet, say..... David Clark headset with Ray-Ban's, using a straw hat for protection. And that pesky Nomex, maybe we can down dress to a tank top, shorts, and flip flops. Once again, the Air Force is the dull rounded noch of the spear! P.S. For those that don't understand, this is my sarcastic way of saying this is forking stupid!!!!! No wonder AF pilots leave i
  6. Any way to "demill" them and turn them back into useable fuses?
  7. Blueing is a simple process that many past gun owners have used to stop and prevent rusting. It is possible that it was service blued, no way of really telling.
  8. And parking is typically rough. Run a microfiber towel down the blade, blue will be smooth, park will snag and drag.
  9. Will m, The mystery is for someone to answer to the cuff material. The process to sew that type of cuff on a glove is not an easy one, especially in the field.
  10. Trenchman, why don't you get a picture of the inside of the gloves and a closer picture of the seam where the material was added. That would help tremendously towards figuring out what these are.
  11. In your first pitcture, is that a window? If so, I would highly suggest covering that over to prevent the sunlight from fade damaging your items. Sunlight baaad. Other than that, very nice.
  12. It's at work right now. We get our full RFI issue on the 3rd and 4th. I will have plenty of pictures soon
  13. I throw my vote in the back shop hatchet job. Nothing about those bails look correct. I got my M2 out and compared next to these pictures and they just look wrong.
  14. I don't see the prices coming down very far on the MC vests. They are being collected back up after deployments, re-issued and most likely will be given to the Afghan pilots after we leave. The Army is quite sticky on getting all of this back they can, to the point that pockets are no longer expendable, they have to be turned in with the vest, even if DX'able. Also, when we are no longer in A-stan, those vests will no longer be used. It will probably be the shortest lived AW vest in the line-up.
  15. Nice looking rifle so far. Can you get a picture of the overall rifle, left and right sides? It appears to have a KW pot belly stock. Can you also get a picture straight down on the receiver and bolt.
  16. Folks, I did not post this to become a political topic, but more along the lines of what happens to the things we all tend to collect and in many cases why we are collecting it. I would ask that we stay off the political aspects and along the original intent. For some reason, when I post non-tangible toppics, it gets political, locked down and removed. For once, I would like a post to not get locked down.
  17. No, you are not hard of hearing, the fat lady hadn't even arrived at the stage yet.
  18. Several reasons this probably wasn't used other than being introduced late in the war. First and probably foremost, mounting on the left side of the weapon would mean that when the weapon was slung over the right shoulder, this thing would be poking you in the small of the back or catching on the pistol belt, canteen, jacket, coat, and about everything else. The eyelets on most cartridge belts were taken up with canteens, first aid kits, and every other asundry of combat gear necessary, who wants to take up another mounting point for a grenade sight. Secondly, the means for firing the gre
  19. Good for you. At least someone got to take them on. Some of this stuff is just thrown away otherwise. I have an entire WWI collection that I bought from a forum member that was demolishing a house and the family wanted the entire trunk gotten rid of. I don't know which is worse, throwing it away, or selling it for money. I know the money is needed, but once gone, those memories will fade quickly without the reminders.
  20. http://www.military.com/video/specialties-and-personnel/veterans/ww2-hero-sells-medals-to-survive/2219681196001/ Makes you pause. Many times I've seen something and wondered why I have it in my possession. I now hope it wasn't because of this. While British, I'm sure it happens here as well.
  21. .......That is why no one will install one of these. If there is actually place to sell these for $10 apiece, post it. You literally can't give these things away. These are stored on the shelf right next to the WWI 11 grenade pouch carrier.
  22. No kidding. The Korean war 50th didn't hardly even get a nod. Someone needs to make a big time, high dollar budget film on Korea to give it any kind of kick.
  23. Right on Ron, couldn't agree more. When I needed a dummy gun for my jeep display, I went to a vendor in Tulsa gun show and told him I needed everything to make a Inland rifle, so he got me all the inland parts to build my dummy gun, so I now have an "Original" Inland..... Original right out of the parts bin.
  24. It may have been decorative item. I have one that was used as a cuckoo clock weight. People make decorative art out of M1 helmets, so why not a grenade.
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