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  1. That's photoshopped! No, really, I do like the Apache. It makes is the sole aircraft that makes the Blackhawk that much cooler By the way, getting my FLIR training tomorrow night, Will take an hour to be signed off, how long does it take an Apache pilot to qual? You know I love ya brother, gotta have Apache pilots around, poker is so much funner to have someone to take money from.
  2. Doing everything but flying! You know what they say about the differences between an Apache and a Hoover vacuum cleaner......
  3. So much for cheek weld, guess we won't be firing rifles anymore. Being one that wears a helmet with full face covering, I will say that those that develop these obviously did it in a air conditioned building. For the grunts out there, how long before these reek so bad that even dogs won't come near you???
  4. That also brings up another good point, never let anyone try on something that you wear yourself. My crewchief allowed a little kid to wear his flight helmet for a picture once.... once. After the silver dollar sized boil finally healed behind his ear, he was finally cleared on an upslip to fly again. Also, scabies, lice, and assundry other ailments that you can get from it, isn't worth the picture mom gets.
  5. Very nice. Did he ever have anything to say about the story above?
  6. In 1973 an Italian submarine named Enrique Tazzoli was sold for a paltry $100,000 as scrap metal. The submarine, given to the Italian Navy in 1953, was originally the USS Barb, an incredible veteran of World War II service with a heritage that never should have passed so unnoticed into the graveyards of the metal recyclers. The USS Barb was a pioneer, paving the way for the first submarine launched missiles and flying a battle flag unlike that of any other ship. In addition to the Medal of Honor ribbon at the top of the flag identifying the heroism of its captain, Commander Eugene "Lucky"
  7. If you decide to allow some items to be touched, be ready to say no. When a kid with half a ice cream bar on his face and the other on his hands wants to touch everything, sometimes you have to be the adult and tell them to go wash their hands. Also, don't expect the parents to help take care of your gear. I let a kid try on a M1 helmet, when he went to take it off, the helmet and liner separated and the pot went rolling down the aisle, the loud crash scared the kid and he dropped the liner, which rolled across the aisle under another guys table. I had to step out and go get my property be
  8. The individual I ate with also told me that this "guy" had a warehouse of militaria that was far in excess of what was in the museum. I to am wondering how the bank managed to take a soaking like this and still have customers and shareholders? Isn't this how we got into the sub prime loan scandal?
  9. Well, that is one on us. A cannon like that would be considered a destructive device and fired like you are would earn you as much prison time as if you had a M1 Garand at Piccadilly Circus conducting manual of arms drills. Hats off to ya!
  10. What kind of restrictions do you have on the cannon? Good chamber / demilled barrel? Chamber has to be modified?
  11. Whoops, my bad. Not City Council, he is on the Chamber of Commerce.
  12. These were produced up into the 80's and is a training pack. If you pull up some of the past threads, you will find that the back of yours is different than the 67 packs.
  13. Well, I got the inside scoop. I just met the president of the Branson City Council and also the president of a local bank and had lunch. He told me that this museum issue has been coming for some time. Long story short, he said that the guy responsible for buying most of the items in the museum was the original owner. It seems he bought most of it back up and the museum is going to re-open, but this time, instead of being a for profit, it is going to be a non-profit. The College of the Ozarks is going to be the curator and run the museum this time.
  14. No matter what it becomes, I wonder if they are going to leave the plane and running men out there?
  15. Since the other thread was closed, here is the update on the museum. I drove by last night and the place was lit up like a Christmas Tree. Went by this morning and here is what was there. Last night during dinner, I asked a couple of the locals about the museum and they had no clue about any of the stuff we've discussed, just that it closed down and as everything in Branson, will eventually open back up or be turned into something else. The sign says "under new management", so will be interesting to see what comes of it.
  16. I picked one up some time back from a Marine. He said they get to shoot one in their career and when he shot his, they asked if he wanted to keep it and he did. This one has the sights intact, so you can see what your missing one should look like. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/173326-a-little-friendly-veteran-listening-lands-a-at-4-tube/
  17. Since there is no facial expressions involved, if this debate was in person, we would probably be laughing, slapping each other on the back, and having a cup of coffee or some happy fun stuff like that. As for "automatically" being filed away as a kids doing, those are your words. I think the first "filing" was that it was a tally mark by the original guy. I don't think I jumped any quicker at the tally mark conclusion than the "automatic" conclusion that because this is a Airborne helmet, that it must be a Airborne marking. As you stated, "I am not ready to discount it as a period app
  18. And the radio pocket is correct for that time frame as well.
  19. I must have missed something, where did we get the information that this was done on the front lines??? The mark is not distinctive to any unit that any of us know about so far, the marks were applied after the cammo or chip marks, are very slopily applied. Whatever they are, and we have 70 years after the war to account for. Why would someone do this after returning home? The same reason I marked my combat worn ACH with the number of mortar attacks I survived wearing that helmet, and my M10 bayonet has the number of Iraqi's I ran through while flying Medevac missions. Could even be the gu
  20. And, don't get me wrong, I would never pay that price, even if I really needed one. But, I guarantee you someone will probably buy it.
  21. I agree with SE. I would say that it is obviously a individual applied personal marking from someone that had no artistic talent, nor cared. If it is a correct period item that is now back here in the states, means it was brought home and was possibly some guys way of saying that I completed two combat jumps, or notches if you will. When you look at the close-ups, the white is over the top of the light green which is hard to tell, but looks like chips in the outer paint. My opinion, tallies of some kind.
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