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  1. Well, unfortunately, none of the stores here have any of the round ISAF patches. The OTAN are here in small quantities, but the Italians are slowly leaving this place, so I expect those to dry up soon. Here are some patches I picked up recently for a friend. The Don't Tread on Me patches are becoming popular with the civilian contractors and the Air Force. These are from a local patch shop that displays them on the wall instead of in a case. Careful, some these may offend the delicate ones of you out there.
  2. I will be going to the other side of the base after I come off ready-up this morning, I will get you a picture. I believe that the Haji shop ones are all made in Pakistan and shipped in. There are very few true theater made patches anymore, mostly Paki imports. Here is a picture I took at the Italian camp a month ago, sorry for the quality, but you get the gist.
  3. I just saw this post. I can add a little more information. The round patches are now exclusively for the non-US NATO forces. Some wear the old Kelly Green round one, but many have the tan ones like above. The NATO-ITAN patch is the partner to this. I would post a picture of a two sleeve set, but I just mailed them home yesterday.
  4. Do you have any idea when this occurred? I ask as I have been marking dummy grenades for display and would like to make them period correct. This grenade is 2007 marked, so it had to be before then.
  5. I went on google and did a picture search on M67 grenade. Out of all the pictures there, I didn't find one marked like this one. Interesting, may be a different manufacture, guess it will remain a mystery.
  6. Agree, but have never seen the writing up that close to the neck before, usually down around the middle. I would like to know when the printing went up high like that, obviously sometime before 2007.
  7. Actually, we have hook-up teams all the time under our aircraft hooking sling loads and it looks just like this, even further under the aircraft, more to the middle. Once in a while, you will see one or all of the team go scampering out from under the aircraft, they sometimes loose their nerve and can't take it anymore. What amazes me more than the guys being under the aircraft, is the fact that I don't see a static discharge probe. I'm surprised one of them isn't sitting on his butt trying to figure out what just happened.
  8. Sure, if you come over, I'll remove the bar if you will take the pic
  9. No, not anymore so than the other weird crap we do. It has been an ammunition fest here the last few days, everyone is loading mags, bandoleers and getting ready for going outside the wire. No, not on the canister, I never saw the crate, but I can tell you that the tape has never been removed, you could tell it was factory sealed when I gingerly tried removing it. The grenade shows a 2007 manufacture date on it.
  10. Three tours and this is my first ever grenade. Kind of a weird feeling to have a grenade attached to your gear. Notice the pin, learned something new, did not know that is how they are installed.
  11. And then the Belle of the Ball. The paint seems to be the standard CARC paint.
  12. For you grenade freaks out there, I was issued a M-67 frag for my ammunition basic load. Just so we have a reference on what current grenades look like, here is mine as I unpacked it; doesn't get any fresher than this. This is the canister and how it is packed.
  13. Can you show a picture of the head stamp?
  14. Along the lines of TRR, it is designed to hold the collar at stupid angles so everyone can come and try laying it flat for you. I always cut mine off. The new solid plastic velcro was the last straw.
  15. We were still issuing those in our aircraft survival kits in the 90's. The ones we had were green and orange instead of yellow.
  16. Obviously, the IDF have been reading the eBay rules on what is dangerous and not. Imagine the fury if you were caught selling this stuff on eBay??? You would go to eBay prison and rot there.
  17. It is definitely a phenalic handle mess kit knife cut down and modified. My guess is a nitt comb or someone's mustache comb. Great for getting those nasty K-ration chunks out of you molest-ache
  18. Hey Mark, you could do like I do. I used my Blackhawk to get rid of three of them last night. Was doing FLIR training and was attempting to show the difference between light and radiation to one of my pilots. There was a pair of searchlights pointed skyward and we used that as a training aid. Know what lights draw? bugs. Know what bugs draw? Bats! Thousands of them, well, now three less. Know when you hit a bat? big grease spot with hair stuck in it. At least I am at ease that they died happy. Know the last thing that goes through a bat's mind right before smashing them? "Holy crap
  19. Look Jon, no one pilot is forced to look at the back of another man's head! I too, look forward to the day I can move over to the Lacota so that I can put overseas deployments behind me, not have to worry about sweating to death. I'm jealous
  20. From what my guy told me, the College knows what is coming, to what extent, I don't know. At some point, someone along the line will have to "wipe the slate" and write it off. I would be hopeful that the College said that would happen before they got their fingers into it.
  21. Oh goody! Get the popcorn out, this should get interesting!
  22. To compliment your can in the red wrapper.
  23. That is to old to be used in a Stryker. Most likely, a crewman of a Medical M-113
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