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  1. We had both AACU flight suits and the desert IABDU's. This picture is of the desert flight suit with the ACU Air Warrior. The pink bunny is optional.
  2. Here is a picture of me and my replacement pilot in the green zone waiting for pax. We are both wearing AACU flight suits with Air Warrior survival vest and body armor.
  3. Yes, they do. Another indication this is a penetrator is the color, steel grey. I would take a picture of my .50 penetrator, but it is rusted and can't get a good enough picture to post.
  4. That is the steel penetrator out of either a M2 .50 cal ball round or a M2 AP round. He either found it on a range or some guys liked to peel the copper jacket off of them. I know a guy that uses a M2 AP penetrator for a center punch.
  5. That is placed as a combat patch and would not be authorized.
  6. Here is my aircraft at the Crossed Saber's in Baghdad.
  7. Looks like a Cavalry stetson. The Cav guys typically uy them and war them at special events. The brass emblem doesn't look familair, but I am also no expert on the Cav.
  8. Been a gun guy all my life and carried one for 15 months on a all expense paid vacation, would trust my life with it. Liked it so much that when I got home, bought a Colt 6920 and built it to be a replica of what I carried.
  9. It's sad how many of those I had in my ALSE shop over the years that I have gotten rid of. Back before I started collecting.
  10. It is very likely that the hat you have, instead of being an issued hat, is rather a bought hat that someone bought from the AAFES store. They typically will sell a lot of Brigade Quartermaster and SpecOps gear.
  11. Just picked up a M-1917 helmet with good liner and chin strap is in good shape, not nicks or cuts. However, the leather is looking like it is starting to dry out and could use a cleaning. What is the best way to clean the leather and then protect it from further degredation without hurting the collectors value?
  12. I had problems with mine, I used the site that you have listed and got it done with a little lip twisting.
  13. To add to your Kevlar cover. As stated earlier, the size of the cover is printed on the inside of the cover. They usually were Small/Medium and Large/X-Large. For a period, I was issued a Medium/Large. Your cover will only fit the PASGT helmet and is easily identified by the nylon straps with velcro on the ends. They go under the the helmet band suspension webing and fold back on themselves like you have it. The ACH uses a different cover. It has a two sided velcro strap, male/female velcro, that fold up into the helmet and velcro's to the male velcro disks found inside the helmet. t
  14. It appears mine is the 69 varient. I don't have my camera with me, when I get back home next week, I can take a picture of it and post.
  15. I'm not familiar with these vest enough to know what the earlier zipper is, but it is heavy zinc steel with a little cloth pull tab on the bottom left zipper half. The flap is held down with snaps, not buttons. This vest is so new that the paint on the zipper is still unscratched. Wife will shoot me when I get it home, but it all for the better good of collecting.
  16. I just found a brand new specimen hidden in a corner of a surplus store last week for $30. It is literally brand new. My tag has the same info as picture #5 with the addition of Rachman MFG Co. and the NSN is different even though it is a Medium as well. The NSN in mine is 8470-122-1300. The instruction tag is more extensive to include cleaning instructions. Got to love it wen you fall into a good find.
  17. Wore one every day, they were a pain in the kiester. It was mandatory to wear it, so I would fold it up under my vest. SGM would come running on the hoof to jump my rump about not having it on, I would open the vest, let it fall out, then fold it back up and continue on. Had to see the boss about "not properly wearing my PPE".
  18. Being a Blackhawk pilot that flew a lot of these guys in Iraq, I can tell you that you do have a DA civilian's helmet cover. Normally, these guys did not wear covers on their helmets, they just wore them bare. I would make a bet that this guy did not want to be mistaken for a contractor and since everyone that flies "Blackhawk Air" had to have a helmet and body armor, and the body armor would have covered his normal U.S. on his jacket, he probably bought his own cover and had his "US" sewn on so that everyone would know he was DA.... I would bet.
  19. That is zinc chromate primer, which would most likely make it American
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