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  1. It's a Springfield M1A. Stock come from Camp Perry and it has a dummy kit for the auto portion.
  2. Today was a monumental day, I fnally got the final piece for my M-14 display, a E2 bipod. Mr. Bob was gracious enough to sell me his bipod and it arrived today. Here she is in all her glory. And with it's younger brother installed.
  3. And the Coup-de-gras. This is one of the original Davy Crocket jeeps
  4. Couldn't find it in this barn, so we had to go to his other up the road. We climbed in the back of a old WWII Willys and took off across the pasture. When we got there, this one was sitting out in the yard coolin in the shade. On the way back, we took a different road and came across these lined up along the road. This one, we called the Evil Knievel truck.
  5. The in tank fuel filter went bad on my jeep, so a guy in my MVPA offered me one for free if I came to get it. When I arrived, his personal collection was immediately noticeable. This was sitting in the front yard. It was his first vehicle and his favorite. We went into the barn to look for the filter and it was fairly full of jeeps. The red one is a jeep that a guy was refurbing but finally gave up on and decided to sell it. When my friend bought it, the deal also included all the stuff you see on the walls. Massive collection, quite impressive.
  6. Here is where I bought my tires. http://www.summitracing.com/search/product-line/coker-vintage-truck-and-military-tires
  7. There are tire companies that sell military grade tires. If you join the MVPA, they have a magazine called Supply Line and in there, you can buy replacement parts and there are adds for new made, military tires.
  8. Since you obviously can't sleep, here is a website that you should become familiar with, it is called G503 and this section is dedicated to the M151 MUTT http://g503.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=116&sid=b700a556ca92b12a45410b2af8f6bb90
  9. Sounds like this was in the run-off for what eventually became the ECOTAT. The ECOTAT was the individual shelters that we carried in our aircraft survival kits for almost 20 years. The ECOTAT had a weird woodland cammo pattern that looks almost like it was put on with a spray paint can. I think you found a very interesting bit of history there. Check this out. http://www.combatreform.org/ECOTATSYSTEMS/ecotattmp.htm
  10. So was FSN, you got a Vietnam era foot locker.
  11. The identiplate on the dash should tell you exactly what model it is. As for roll over, it most commonly was caused by running off the side of the road and then trying to steer back on. If you go off the side, just come to a stop or slow roll and then steer back onto the road and you greatly reduce the threat of roll over in these.
  12. Found this. ARMY MIL-S-44325 CANC 1-1990 shelter, individual multipurpose imps Standard Number: ARMY MIL-S-44325 CANC 1-1990 Title: shelter, individual multipurpose imps Language: English Publisher: ARMY
  13. You might want to go early tomorrow or else I might jump in and take it! Kidding aside, getting them tagged isn't all that hard, in my state, actually easier than getting a old clunker tagged. You should be able to claim it as antique and there are companies out there that will insure it as a antique. You just have to state that you won't be driving it over a certain mileage.Get it and enjoy it. I highly recommend that you join a local MVPA so that you can expand your chances to take it to shows and events.
  14. It looks like there is a contract number, can you get a better picture of the information. I did a search on IMPS and come up with nothing so far.
  15. I don't believe that either. I asked to start training as his padawan, so hands off bitches!
  16. My jealousy is flaring!
  17. To keep this a secret in the early days of the war, they developed a Battalion to do it and they hid it by doing it under water. OK, I set it up, some old head want to finish it?
  18. I sold them to someone on this board some time back, but I had an entire star plate set. Went from full Colonel up through four star. What we put on the side of aircraft when hauling DV's
  19. I think I will pull the slide of my civvie and compare them. I'm seeing that my slide is slightly different than the one in the AR-15 description. Thanks for the links guys.
  20. Well, looks like we have a Scooby Doo mystery on our hands. The search is on now.
  21. As I always tell my kid when she takes a knock, "That will leave a mark"
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