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  1. Hi all, Just acquired this photograph of a relative of mine, Henrik (Harry) L. Hansen: He was born December 1894 and appears to be a Machinist's Mate, U.S. Navy, and apparently served in WWI. I could use some help sorting through the photo. I also put in a request for his service record extract from the New York State Archives but if anyone has any ideas where I can get his service record, or any information on what became of him, that would be great. His trail via Ancestry goes cold with the 1910 Census. -Daniel
  2. Considerably cheaper than buying the whole field gun! Yes, they are inexpensive, and vary considerably in quality and type (different ribbons, mounts, etc.), from what I have seen. FYI, per another article, the money raised was used in part to pay the cost to bring the American troops back home and offset the cost of the overall demob effort. -Daniel
  3. Hi all, Here's an account from the April 14, 1919 issue of "Greater New York - Bulletin of the Merchant's Association of New York" (Volume 8, No. 15, p. 24) describing the creation and distribution of the Victory Liberty Loan Medal: Apparently, the blank line on the reverse was where recipients had their names engraved. I just bought one of these and I am awaiting its delivery in the mail...will share once it arrives. -Daniel
  4. Hi Sarge, He was a Sergeant in the US Army, 114th Field Artillery, from 1943-1945. It is a WWII-era pin. I agree that they are likely not connected except I believe they both date from around the same time. I also got the blue star service pin his mother wore while he was overseas; I will put a pic up of that soon. -Daniel
  5. Hi all, Ressurecting this thread, as I just inherited my father's Jewish War Veterans of the US lapel pin (circa WWII). This one seems slightly different from the ones I have seen, in the sense that it has light blue enamel rather than dark blue. I have a picture but it is too bright and the blue is washed out entirely, so I will try and re-photograph tonight and post a picture tomorrow. It was in the same box with a 'Free Sons of Israel' lapel pin, which I gather was not military related. Anyone ever see one of these with light blue enamel before? -Daniel
  6. Hi all, Long time, no post for me...largely because I have had no Thrist Store luck with Militaria until yesterday. Got a clean, first-edition hard cover copy of "Psychological Effects of War on Citizen and Soldier" by Dr. R.D. Gillespie, Wing Commander, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, printed in 1942. Schweet! Has anyone on the forum read this book? If so, thoughts? Take care, -Daniel
  7. Are these rare or hard to come by? I would think not given it is practically new, but then again, I am new to this hobby (relatively speaking). -Daniel
  8. Hi all, I got a nice score at my local thrift store (the same that had the vintage Marine Corps shirt and pants for 4.98); I found an autographed copy of 'Corpsman Up!' by Charlie 'Doc' Rose. I am already halfway through it, and it is a pretty good autobiographical account of his experiences in Vietnam. It was an even better read at only 48 cents! I almost got a nice hardcover of Doctor Zhivago too, but I discovered it was missing two pages, and skipped it. They also had a nice chocolate chip camo jacket and vest, unnamed, but they were tiny (I mean *tiny*), and I passed on them too
  9. Hi all, I just got this great picture from my uncle yesterday of my great Uncle, James T. Gale, USMC in WWI. I know nothing of where or when he served...can anyone help? I have his draft card, if that is of any use. Thanks, -Daniel
  10. Hi all, I got the shirt and pants for 2.49 a pop today. Here's the shirt: There is no tag of any kind on it...any idea what era it may be from? Next...the pants. This is the tag: And, the pants themselves: I believe they are relatively recent, based on the tag...from 1978-1993? Would you agree? Given I am sort of new to collecting uniform pieces, how should I care for these (i.e., clean and de-wrinkle)? Thanks, -Daniel
  11. Hi all, Look what I picked up for 25 cents today! It was posted well before WWI, and the condition is pretty good. It is a shame she ended up on the scrapheap. -Daniel
  12. Hi all, I picked this up in a lot with other ribbons...anyone know what it is? Thanks, -Daniel
  13. Hi, I do not see any maker's marks on the ribbon backs. I will take everyone's advice and leave them be. -Daniel
  14. Thanks for the advice...I uploaded about a dozen or so pics more of my collection, including some Navy uniform pieces, the mystery 'grenade box' I got from dear ol' grandpa, and a few other odds and ends. Interestingly, the three Navy jackets were just given to me free by some guy at a swap meet like twenty years ago. Re: the M1 helmet...should I leave the 'aftermarket' chin strap on there, or would it be better to remove it, as it is clearly not original to the piece? I also updated the information I have on the helmet this afternoon, i.e., who made the liner, etc. If anyone who knows
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